Rep. Katie Porter Draws Scrutiny for Calling Irvine Police ‘Disgrace’ in 2021

The OC congresswoman expressed frustration with how Irvine police handled an altercation that broke out at her event after far-right protestors interrupted it.

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Rep. Katie Porter’s Irvine event in July 2021 was memorable not because it was her first in-person town hall since the COVID-19 pandemic started but because a physical altercation broke out after far-right opponents disrupted the gathering.

In the aftermath, Porter texted Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan, voicing her frustration with what happened at the event and how it was handled by law enforcement.

“I will never trust them again,” Porter said, noting she was set to meet with the chief of police. “Well, your police force is a disgrace.”

The texts, critical of the Irvine Police Department, were first reported on by Fox News and have been shared by conservative media outlets.

“Rep. Porter was upset that a planned family-friendly themed town hall was hijacked by extremists who made constituents feel unsafe, including using hateful slurs in front of children,” Jordan Wong, a spokesperson for the Democratic congresswoman, said in a statement shared with the Register. “She was disappointed that despite our staff alerting police days before the event that the extremists were openly advertising their intention to disrupt the town hall, officers on the day of the incident were hundreds of feet away and did not intervene immediately when fighting broke out.”

A spokesperson for the Irvine Police Department did not respond to emailed questions about its handling of the event.

Julian Willis of La Jolla was cited and released for his actions during the altercation, police said at the time. Willis reportedly has lived at Porter’s Irvine home, although it’s not clear if that is still the case.

A self-proclaimed “American Nationalist” group led by Nick Taurus — who has been involved in other protests that turned physical — interrupted the July 2021 event by shouting personal insults at the congresswoman.

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  1. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    With all the self-made disasters caused by Democrats (Bidenflation, surging crime, open border, etc.), why would any sane American vote for any Democrat in the 2022 midterm? Rep. Porter is another example of a Democrat’s true feelings coming out when she thinks few are looking.

  2. Son of Billy Jack says

    The reason Porter the called Irvine Police Department a disgrace is that they did not arrest all of the people who did not agree with her policies, ideology and votes. Instead, they arrested one of her supporters for giving a protestor a bloody nose. This is the America I love.

    I applaud these protestors. Everyone one must do their fair share of fighting against Politically Induced Decrepitude.

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