Republicans’ Faith in 2024 Vote Count Low, Poll Finds

Few Republicans have high confidence that votes will be tallied accurately in next year’s presidential contest, suggesting years of sustained attacks against elections by former President Trump and his allies have taken a toll, according to a new poll.

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The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll found that only 22% of Republicans have high confidence that votes in the upcoming presidential election will be counted accurately, compared with 71% of Democrats expressing high confidence — underscoring a partisan divide fueled by a campaign of lies about the 2020 vote.

As he runs for the White House a third time, Trump continues to claim that the 2020 election was stolen.

Overall, 44% of Americans surveyed said they had “a great deal” or “quite a bit” of confidence that the votes in the next election would be counted accurately.

Confidence in elections has risen among Democrats in recent years, but has dropped among Republicans. Ahead of the 2016 election, 32% of Republicans polled were highly confident that votes would be counted accurately. That share rose to 54% two years later, after Trump won the presidency.

But their confidence fell to 28% a month before the 2020 election as Trump signaled that the voting would be rigged, and now sits at 22%.

“I just didn’t like the way the last election went,” said Lynn Jackson, a nurse and registered Republican from Contra Costa County. “I have questions about it. I can’t actually say it was stolen — only God knows that.”

Trump’s claims were rejected by dozens of judges, including several he had appointed. Multiple reviews, audits and recounts in the battleground states where Trump disputed his loss — including several overseen by GOP lawmakers — confirmed Democrat Joe Biden’s victory.

Even so, Trump’s claims led GOP-dominated states to pass new laws increasing voting restrictions, primarily by restricting mail voting and limiting or banning ballot drop boxes. Across the country, conspiracy theories related to voting machines prompted many Republican-controlled local governments to explore banning counting machines in favor of hand counts.

The AP-NORC survey found that political independents — a group that has consistently had low confidence in elections — were also largely skeptical about the integrity of the 2024 elections. Just 24% said they had the highest levels of confidence that the votes would be counted accurately.

Chris Ruff, a 46-year-old unaffiliated voter from Sanford, N.C., said he lost faith in elections years ago, believing they are rigged. He also sees no difference between the two major parties.

“I don’t vote at all,” he said. “I think it only adds credibility to the system if you participate.”

The conspiracy theories about voting machines, promoted through forums held around the country, also have taken a toll on confidence among Republicans even though there is no evidence to support the claims.

About 4 in 10 U.S. adults said they were highly confident that scanning paper ballots into a machine provides accurate counts. Democrats are about twice as confident in the process as Republicans — 63% compared with 29%. That marks a notable shift from a 2018 AP-NORC poll that found just 40% of Democrats were confident compared with 53% of Republicans.

Gillian Nevers, a 79-year-old retiree from Madison, Wis., has been a poll worker and said she had confidence — based on her experiences — in the people who oversee elections.

“I have never seen any shenanigans,” said Nevers, who votes Democratic. “The claims are unfounded and ridiculous.”

The conspiracy theories have led to death threats against election officials and an exodus of experienced workers.

Among other poll findings:

Most Republicans — 62% — said they were opposed to voting by mail without an excuse, compared with just 13% of Democrats.

Requiring a photo ID to cast a ballot received broad bipartisan support. Seven in 10 adults said they would favor a measure requiring voters to provide photo identification, including 87% of Republicans and 60% of Democrats.

A slim majority of Americans — 55% — said they supported automatically registering adult citizens to vote when they get a driver’s license or other state identification.

Four in 10 adults said eligible voters being denied the right to vote is a major problem in U.S. elections, but about as many Americans said the same about voting by people who are not eligible. The perceived significance of each issue varies by political party: 56% of Republicans said illegal voting is a major problem in U.S. elections, compared with 20% of Democrats. And 53% of Democrats said eligible voters being unable to vote is a major problem, compared with 26% of Republicans.

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  1. It is called made up excuses for losing an election.

    • Rudy Melendez says

      Its called Election Fraud.
      The Integrity of the 2020 Election with hundreds of thousands of Universal Vote By Mail Ballots sent to hundreds of thousands of inactive voters under the guise of a biomedical police state and the coordinated propaganda and election interference of the main stream marxists gave us the plagiarizer in thief and an administration that has spent the last two years destroying your medical religious and financial freedoms.
      Its a shame that you are too ignorant to recognize the fraud that was perpetrated on the American People.
      Wake The Fuck Up Wolfe!

  2. Crooked as it gets – obviously needs to be fixed, or get dirty as the RATS and FIGHT back! The GOP needs to take a HARD LONG LOOK at THEMSELVES. Ain’t no ANGELES on either side of the isle these days. SAD..never imagined USA would tank…

  3. The problem is that Democrats outnumber Republicans in this country at this point. The left wants it to be very easy for “everyone”‘ to vote–like registering everyone who gets a driver’s license (in California including the illegal migrants–so that the left will maintain itself in government in perpetuity. The other problem is that powerful Democrats will do absolutely ANYTHING to stop a conservative from being elected President. They believe it is their mission to save the country. They want a true Democracy–not the Republic that we have, but mob rule. They are fervent about this, while Republicans are ho-hum, RP leaders are weak and horrible, and the Dobbs decision with resulting no-abortion-ever laws in several States caused us to lose what should have been a landslide midterm election. Republicans are hanging on to the House by a thread and will turn the House and Senate back to the leftists in 2024 unless the total-ban abortion folks relax their position a little, e.g., government is not involved until the second trimester, or 13 weeks. Conservatives’ only chance to win in 2024 is to win the Independent votes, which will mean softening the abortion stance and forgetting about Trump. There are many other good conservative candidates that should be palatable to the Independents. Do you want to stand on principle, or win any more elections?

  4. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    A key reason so many Republicans lack confidence in the 2024 election is because the national (Republican National Committee) and state (California Republican Party, aka CAGOP) are UniParty, They didn’t do much in 2022 and 2020 when there were obvious incidents of fraud. From Ronna McDaniel (RNC) to Jessica Patterson (CAGOP), they only give lip service to “election integrity.”

    The United States of America now holds third world-like elections.

    As editor of “Patriot Neighbors,” I am always connecting with Republicans and Conservatives (not the same) and they are angry and and annoyed at spineless GOP leadership. Trust me, if Donald Trump ran as a third-party candidate, nearly half the Republicans would abandon the Republican candidate and vote for Trump. As the saying goes, “I am not voting Republican, I am voting Trump.”

    • Pointless third party. The election would go to whatever ultra-liberal leftists the Demoncrats put up.

  5. Really??? says

    Who was the Attorney General of the state when the courts ordered a cleaning of the voter rolls?

    By Golly wasn’t that Harris…..????? You know the now VP who cannot clean up drug smuggling and illegals at the border>

    What makes even the middle of the road think the State and Slick will do anything for an honest election?

  6. Newsom recall vote rigged? Gascon recall rigged? Trust? I think not.

  7. When ONLY communist fascist racist satanic democrats are put in charge of counting the votes, EVERYONE knows what the outcome will be. We saw it in 2020, in 2000, and who knows what other years……..right in front of our own eyes and nothing was done about it. We have hundreds of hours of VIDEO PROOF and nothing has been done about it. The last 60 years the dems have been experimenting with ‘end-runs’ around our Constitution (gun control and free speech) as to what they can and can’t get away with and exactly who might stop them. And with the republican party ALWAYS compromising with these EVIL vile morons, it’s a wonder how this country is not even much much more down the toilet. I predict another Civil War SOON!!! (and we’ve got all the guns)

  8. the Jakester says

    The system starts with registration. I have watched blatant falsification of registration at Kalifornia’s DMV but the director of the office didnt care because it went in his favor. It is WRONG to register everyone. Only people who want to vote should be registered.

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