San Luis Obispo County Administrators Seeking Large Raises

After battling against giving line-level staffers raises of more than 3% a year, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors is set to approve raises of up to 23% for county administrators and management staff.

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As part of the consent agenda, on Tuesday the Board of Supervisors is slated to approve modest raises for the 2,400 line-level employees represented by unions and larger pay increases for administrators, department heads and management staff. County administrators recommend awarding raises to higher level employees that greatly exceeds what they propose for the county’s line level staff.

Proposed raises for the county’s 2,400 represented employees is slated to cost the county $4,620,091 this year and $5,253,091 the following year.

The proposed raises for the county’s 500 administrators, officials and management staffers is slated to cost $5,199,000 this year and $9,796,000 next year.

On top of the modest raises all county employees are slated to receive this year, many county administrators, officials and managements staffers are also in line to receive equity raises.

In order to determine equity raises, the county conducts a survey of a selected group of government agencies and private businesses and determines if the management wages in SLO County reach the average rate of the compared entities. If not, county administrators propose equity raises to meet the average.

Proposed yearly and equity raises for the next 25 months include a 23% bump in pay for the library support services director and a 22.72% raise for the library director.

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  1. And this after Debbie Peterson’s book,”The Happiest Corruption,” is published and on Amazon.

  2. Around The Corner says

    Drive through Desert Hot Springs downtown you see half the businesses closed but a spankin’ new expensive City Hall building on the corner of Pierson and Palm Drive. The city got it’s self into massive debt in 2007 with a 31 million dollar loan for sprucing up the city center core with the purpose of attracting a thriving utopia that would include at it’s core a lavish hot springs resort. Their delusions were called out by many who have both feet in the ground but they went ahead. Rick Daniels was city manager then who eventually went off to transform Needles into a utopian city. If you have ever been there you would get the joke. His overall pay and benefits was criticized as being in the $325k range for a small desert city that Tresed Ventures so eloquently pointed out was backwards in it’s governing. Tresed is “desert” spelled backwards and the music festival promoter scammed the city for one quarter of a million dollars! No festival, he balied, never seen again. Desert Hot Springs was left with massive debt from all their lofty goals, the whole world then hit the financial crisis and housing markets crashed, and they got out of near bankruptcy by installing pot farms, now the city wreaks of that marijuana smell but they are making money again and new corporate run stores took over Palm Drive which has improved, new traffic lights for safety and sidewalks, some good things, but the core downtown is uglier than ever, even after the city became a landlord buying up buildings that were remodeled and are all empty, that $31 billion debt remains, and the only thing downtown that looks good is that expensive new City Hall. There used to be a convenient auto and truck repair shop there where City Hall is now, at least that was thriving. There isn’t even a coffee shop in the core to sit and hang out. There is no reason to go downtown unless you need screws. Even the AA meeting is gone. There was an optometrist on the corner but that building is empty for over a decade. My point is what is it going to take to stop the ever growing government hustlers that rewards itself for ruining things and wasting so much money which is then basically stolen from the public through taxes and inflation like as we see now in one year a 155% increase in gas prices. They are always building Taj Mahals for themselves to work in and giving themselves pay raises to the moon. There was a time some decades back that the governing bodies lived within their means, being allotted such scant amounts by the public they’d always be apologizing for not having the ability to upgrade and pay scales in the public sector were horrible, the pay was always in the private sector. So did the public demand these changes? There has been a very imbalanced “demand culture” that evolved out of the 1980’s that has done great harm. Such demand brought on by the AIDS scam changed legal liability in 1986 giving drug companies freedom to not be sued for dangerous vaccines so no one should be surprised of how they abused that as they pushed their new mRNA product and shut down the world by “emergency” declarations based on junk science called virology. Or is it that the traveling salesmen got better at their con games? I think it’s a mixture both and people depending on corrupt medias for their information, falling for promises of going to the moon which the internet has clearly pointed out there’s issues with even that claim such as why did the astronauts not see stars?

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