Sen. Kevin de Leon: “Half my family is here illegally”

California State Senator Joel Anderson, R-El Cajon, makes an appearance on “Fox and Friends” to discuss state Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin de Leon’s recent admission that half of his family is in the state and country illegally.

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De Leon, while pushing his new bill, SB54, said, “The reality is, with the executive order and the criteria that has been developed, many individuals, I can tell you half of my family, would be eligible for deportation under the executive order.”


  1. retiredxlr8r says

    I guess when you have illegal family members it makes being illegal legal! This is the logic that is running California! Stupid is as stupid does. And I for one am tired of the preaching the left leaning communist in California vomit up.
    It’s time, time to really do something about California. Maybe the rest of the United States should let California go, wait a couple of years, when it finally reaches that third world state, and it will, take it back, ON CONDITIONS. It is broke beyond any Democrats ability to correct. Without the 300 Billion dollars from the Feds that will stop, Gov Brown and Newsom will have to work for free and every infrastructure project in California will come to a standstill with unemployment through the roof and those leaving the state will be leaving in droves. California, knowing Brown will probably pass and Exit Tax!

    • Most people have to be punched in the eye before they will stand up.
      Californian’s have become the ‘battered women who seem to enjoy it’ club.
      It will take a hard smack to make that happen. California is asking for it and I hope President Trump brings it.

      • Kay Graves, that is not true. Californians have stood up at the voting polls we have spoken loudly in many issues but because we have no representation the liberal judges and politicians do what they want. That is the very reason conservative Californians want to secede and become our own state.

  2. Bryan Mace says

    We should insure that all family members leave with their illegal relatives. esp. filial members. when u become 18, if you’re a citizen, you can come back, but it’s your choice.

  3. What’s more, they all voted for him.

  4. #Resist
    The Progressives are going to find that door swings both ways!
    If they plan on taking their movement underground…I’ll help dig. Six feet is the usual depth for burial.
    #Resist will be met with #Rubyourfaceinthedirt!!

  5. THE CAPTIVE says

    De Leon is doing it like Mexico does it —Mexico is built on what ever lie works- use it. There is no CONSTITUTION – or is there? This is absolutely no surprise! All the illegals who come over with the savage islam-nazi terrorists all want CA–As they have done it the once beautiful state is reverting back to before state hood days—rough and ready for daily war. – I guess that sets well for those involved in sex slavery—drug-cartels – and all things connected to DISEASE-please continue 🙁

  6. The very fact that an elected official of California Government knows of wrong doing and has not notified the proper authorities of the Illegal activity says a lot about the integrity of that State.
    California voters, it’s up to you to demand and follow through with his cover up crime!

    • sweetsuzee says

      As a California voter I can cry. However, please don’t point fingers at all of us. The uninformed and poorly educated liberals make up 70%. Couple that with the fact that in our primary elections the top 2 contenders in any race have the run off. In other words, we didn’t even have anyone other than a Dem to vote for in our Senate race. Our choices were either Sanchez or Harris. This is now a Democrat state and that’s all there is to it.

      • “Sen. Kevin de Leon: “Half my family is here illegally””

        Well lets round out the group and reunify the the whole family with the foriegn national illegals in the country of repatriation. We sure don’t want to beak up “la familia”, do we?
        Think it can’t happen?
        President Donald Trump. the duly-elected and not “bought-and-paid-for” Executive that keeps on serving! And amongst his many duties is the administration of federal immigration and naturalization laws.
        Sorry Kevie.

      • “This is now a Democrat state and that’s all there is to it.”
        It may seem so sweetsuzee. Yet you can deny the sky is blue. Will that make it so?
        You can refuse to acknowledge gravity, but watch what happens if you walkoff the cliff.
        California’s nature as a state is stratigically too big to compromise.But the arrogant stupidity of Big Daddy Jess Unruhs progressive socialist Sacramento, is too dangerously dysfunctional to rescusitate. Clearly, federal charges shall have to be brought to bear, to minimalize the time occuring before systemic collapse. Make no mistake about it, the progressive socialist regime is malignant, and will not go quietly into that good night (but go it must since money doesn’t care). On no account should California progressive socialists fantasize about and banker bailout by the federal government. A businessman is in the Whitehouse.

        • The very idea that he stands there and brags about being illegal. At least did he say he himself had obtained citizenship other than being here for a long time? He should be forced to resign as well as obtain legal status for himself and his ilk. Relatives, that is.

    • Unfortunately our hands are tied. We have spoken loudly at the voting booth for years but because we (conservatives) do not have representation we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. That is the very reason Conservatives in Cali. are working on seceding from liberal run California.

  7. Kevin de Leon:

    Listen up dirtbag; you’re aiding and abetting criminal activity, but you already knew that. It’s obvious that you’re unfit for public service. Not only are you advocating criminal activity, you’re also suffering from split loyalty to a family of criminals – that prevents you from AT LEAST setting a good example for the citizens you serve.

    Not to mention that by political pressure, you are assisting in defrauding citizens.

    So you’re outraged that your criminal illegal alien relatives, after being mistakenly allowed to reside here, are further inconvenienced by being required to not commit more crimes. Their federal crimes of counterfeiting, identity fraud/theft, benefits fraud and tax evasion actually are more crimes.

    You contend that their crime after crime after crime lifestyles are owed to them without consequence because they committed the initial crime – in America – of entering our Nation illegally. You need to resign Kevin, before we PROSECUTE your crime family.

  8. Michael McDermott says

    “You don’t think purchasing a phony Social Security card and number should be a deportable offense?” ” the radio host, Larry Mantle, asked him, Breitbart reported.

    “I don’t think so,” De Leon replied

    How about Identity Theft?
    Unless they are generating completely bogus cards with numbers never in the system, they must be hijacking the Real SSNs of American Citizens.
    I would like to read more about the Consequences to the Real Holder of the Social Security Card – when someone illegally assumes their identity to make money?

    For example, if the Identity Thief commits a crime through the workplace – who will law enforcement come after?

    Such questions as this are Just the tip of the iceberg, which periodically tip over upside down anyway, when too much weight is lost by one part and the other gains more.

    BTW – why not skip the ‘middleman’ and instead of counterfeiting SSN cards – just Print Money and hand it out to their constituents, say sometime around Election Day or so?

    • sweetsuzee says

      Bogus cards shouldn’t pass e-verify. However, as screwed up as our government is, perhaps. The consequences depend upon the circumstances. Is the target deceased? If so, do they have a spouse collecting under their SSN? Is the target alive? If so, they will be nailed and penalized by SSN due to having taxable income. Although it will eventually be worked out, the target will suffer years of annoying inquiries. Just a few to name some.

  9. Josef Stalin's Office Secretary says

    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should make absolutely sure that the de Leon creep should be indicted, arraigned in U.S. Federal Court, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to a one year prison term of incarceration, for each Federal Felony Conviction, inside the Maximum Security Federal Prison known as “Club Fed”(that has many “bars”) in Fort Leavenworth Kansas, for knowingly, voluntarily, willfully criminally harboring, criminally protecting, criminally enabling, criminally aiding and criminally abetting each individual foreign national illegal alien in his State Jurisdiction including any illegal alien members of his own family. That will be a one year prison sentence per each Federal Felony Conviction so if there are 4 or 5 million foreign national illegal aliens inside Senate President Pro-Tem Kevin de Leon’s State Jurisdiction, then that Convicted Federal Felon Creep Kevin de Leon should be sentenced to serve a Federal Prison Sentence of 4 or 5 million years inside a Maximum Security Federal Prison for each of the 4 or 5 million Federal Felony Convictions per each of the 4 or 5 million foreign national illegal aliens who are in Kevin de Leon’s State Jurisdiction.

  10. True Teacher says

    The guy thinks he is above the law. And, why not? He was spawned by Big Bill, then Hillary, then Barack, and his supporting cast is the 2 million California illegal aliens who apply The Rule of Law arbitrarily.

    When Dem’s don’t have a hold on Washington, D.C., federalism is in; AND, not only that, but federalism has been resurrected from the dead. Reverse the situation with BO in the White House, and states’ rights is hardly even a concern.

  11. Juanito Ibañez says

    “Sen. Kevin de León: ‘Half my family is here illegally’.”

    In the world of criminal justice, that is known as a ‘res gestae’ statement of criminal complicity on the part of California Senator Kevin de León, a citizen born in San Diego, California, on December 10, 1966, and making him subject to possible federal prosecution for Conspiracy to Violate Federal Immigration Laws.

  12. This is a man making laws for the state and he is covering up for illegal activity and not enforcing laws that we have, is this a person that we really want making laws for this state?

  13. Law and Order says

    Kevin De Leon and Garcetti……playing Russian Roulette with themselves…they seem to be primary candidates for Prosecution of Sedition.

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