Summer of discontent continues to rage for California progressives

In this photo taken Monday, Dec. 5, 2016, California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, third from left, flanked by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, right, and other Democratic lawmakers, discusses a pair of proposed measures to protect immigrants, during a news conference in Sacramento, Calif. California is among the states that voted for Hillary Clinton and that could find themselves at odds with President-elect Donald Trump on such issues as immigration, health care and climate change. Rendon said the intent of the legislation is to put a "firewall" around Californians. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

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The California progressive movement’s summer of discontent continues, with anger still on display over the abrupt withdrawal of a single-payer health care bill and over the May election of a party insider as California Democratic chairman.

This week, the Associated Press reported that progressives remain interested in pursuing a recall campaign against Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Paramount, (pictured) for his decision to kill Senate Bill 562, the Healthy California Act. Los Angeles activist Steve Elzie is a lead organizer.

The California Nurses Association last month paid for two mailers to be sent to constituents in Rendon’s Los Angeles County district blasting him for “holding health care hostage” and “protecting politicians, not people’s health care.” The mailers urged constituents to complain to Rendon’s offices over the decision, but did not advocate a recall.

That decision may reflect that CNA President RoseAnn DeMoro – who initially led the criticism of Rendon – has realized how difficult it would be to ultimately remove him from office.

Obtaining the 20,000-plus signatures needed to trigger a recall election might not be much of a problem, given that single-payer champion Bernie Sanders got 44 percent and 48 percent of the vote in the June 2016 Democratic presidential primary in California’s 38th and 47th Congressional Districts, respectively. The districts cover much of Rendon’s 63rd Assembly District district which includes parts or all of Commerce, Bell, Lynwood, Paramount and Lakewood.

But Rendon has gotten at least 69 percent of the vote in his three Assembly bids. He also has more than $1.2 million in his campaign war chest and has the support of other influential unions, meaning ready access to more donations and help campaigning.

Rendon killed SB562 because he said it failed to adequately identify how it would pay its $400 billion in annual costs to provide health care to every Californian.

‘Berniecrat’ still won’t accept loss in party chair vote

The other flap pitting the party establishment against “Berniecrats” also flared this week when Bay Area political organizer Kimberly Ellis launched a new salvo over her narrow loss for state party chairman to Eric Bauman, a nurse who has long been a fixture in Los Angeles County Democratic politics and was deputy to the last state chair, former Congressman John Burton.

At May’s state Democratic convention in Sacramento, Bauman held off a late surge from the lesser-known Ellis to win 51 percent to 49 percent. Ellis immediately challenged what she said were election irregularities, leading to a July recount in which 47 of about 3,000 ballots were thrown out but Bauman’s margin of victory was unchanged.

Ellis and her fellow Sanders’ supporters, however, still don’t accept the results.

On Tuesday, she called on the California Democratic Party to accept binding arbitration to determine who really won the May election. She hinted it was the only way the party could head off a lawsuit that she suggested last month was forthcoming if she were unhappy with how party officials handled her appeal, which continues this month with a hearing of the Democratic Party credentialing committee.

California Democratic Party spokesman Mike Roth said the party would stick to its rules, which don’t provide for arbitration.

“Ms. Ellis is now deep in her own end zone and throwing a desperate Hail Mary pass in hopes of changing the outcome of an election that she lost fair and square,” Roth said.

But Ellis’ “Vote for Kimberly” website remains unchanged and continues to feature sharp – if indirect – criticisms of Bauman for allegedly close ties to corporate interests.

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  1. Rendon as well as De Leon (the arrogant criminal illegal alien) Padilla, Gavin ( The anti gun nut), Flush him down Brown, and the rest need to be systematicaly rooted out and destroyed politically FOREVER! Until that happens CA will continue to degrade and circle around the cesspool drain of history… As much as I HATE rendon, he is actually doing the state a favor! All econonomists say that any enity in a free society that thinks to start a single payer health care program is headed for financial catastrophe! It is estimated that taxpayers will be on the hook for over 400 billion dollars EACH year to pay for a boondoggle the likes of which have never been seen before!!! Now let that sink in!! 400 billion with a ‘B’ each year. Just think folks with logic like progressives have now, we could emulate Venezuela very very fast!!!!

  2. We closed on a home in Yuma, AZ last Friday. Looks like we are getting out in the nick of time. I’d prefer not to move, but before Kalifornistan can become California, there will have to be that emulation of Venezuela FLFF mentions. I don’t want to be here when it happens.

  3. I love it when the “Blue Plate Special” is Curried Progressive, though you might need an extra helping of TUMS.

  4. Just when you think the scum Democrates in California could not get anymore corrupt well they get MORE corrupt…The Mexican government controls California’s elected officials..Brown and his asswipe Dems are going to lose even more elections…

  5. Really, not a big deal.
    Single payer will NEVER happen ANYWHERE, not even for the fruits and nuts in Kalifornia.
    Things are not as bad as they seem. In fact, I believe critical mass is approaching quickly. No need to panic and pack your bags. It is always darkest before the dawn. Sorry to see you guys go. We could have used your vote. But things will work out with a little patience and vision.. The world turns and tomorrow is another day.

  6. Rottweiler says

    How do you like the fact that they are eating their own. A single payor system would never pan out in la la LA because in order for it to work you actually need more than 50% of people actually working and you also need those who are willing to report their income and pay taxes (imagine that) unlike a lot of (how should I PC say it) “uninvited guests”. You would also have to have a heck of a lot more doctors and now that Obamacare has forced many into welcome and early retirement you can expect a PA which in theory is not a doctor. You can also expect innovation to go and you will have rationing of health care and much of the chemo therapies will not be available because they are too expensive. The Medical/Medicare catch net will fail not enough in the work field to sustain the people living longer and not enough young people actually working. Can you say paper or plastic? Oh skip that we aren’t allowed to be responsible enough to get bags at the market. I wonder if the Congress, Senate and House will ever get Obamacare? Makes one think.

  7. CA and NY states librat politicians are corrupt commie and illegal alien thugs, together with their Union bosses they were enjoying ROB Taxpayers for a long times by continuous to raise TAXES & FEES. Also they released criminals back to the streets to kill innocent American citizen in their houses or streets and robbed what ever they have left after pay taxes and fees, included their lives. Their families should sue commie librat leaders for their wrongful dead. A commie CA, NY, Chicago and their master Obama had Americans blood on their hands. Democrats got elected by rampant voter fraud from invaders, felons and dead folks voters. Without reform voter laws and stop voter frauds and cheats. CA is only get worse.

  8. For several years, I have told the world that I have several large strong trees on my property. I am also a “native son, of a native son of California”. I saw what happened when “Brownie” drove the aircraft industry, the auto industry, most of the insurance industry out of California (among others). That’s millions of jobs folks! I saw property taxes rise every year until Howard Jarvis got Prop 13 passed. Last but not least Term Limits were established to get “Brownie” out of office. Unfortunately it was not implemented properly allowing “Brownie” to run for office 2 more times. If there had been an honest vote count, he may not be where he is today. To get back to my trees; I have invited “Brownie” and his “demoncrats” to come and “hang out” on numerous occasions. They don’t respond.

  9. We bailed to get top dollar on our Ventura County property before the economy collapses and our home resale value cratered…
    Between self inflicted economic headwinds and looming seismic risk, we cashed out & moved out…
    We can visit the mild climate…
    Take the money & run, folks….
    Cali has been invaded without a shot being fired and you’re now being governed by the Hispanderers and the San Freakcisco liberals….
    Save yourselves….

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