The Many Taxing Troubles of LAUSD

In a situation being watched throughout California, the Los Angeles Unified School District is aggressively pushing a heavy parcel tax on all property owners within its jurisdiction. For taxpayers, this raises a fundamental question: Why does the state need more money when California is already near the top in tax collections among all states?

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LAUSD is faced with many problems. Impossible promises made to its unions, failure to economize spending, abject failure to implement long-needed reforms and declining enrollment are compounding the district’s woes. However, lack of revenue is not one of them.

The district’s response to its own mistakes makes the Keystone Kops look like paragons of competence, especially considering how the parcel tax proposal was placed on the ballot.

The LAUSD board approved the tax at its Feb. 28, 2019 board meeting by passing a resolution that incorporated the “full text” of the tax.  During that meeting, board members asked district staff and the district’s legal counsel if any changes to the resolution could be made after receiving board approval. The LAUSD board was correctly informed that any change to the resolution would require further board action — in a public meeting — and all changes would have to be made by March 13, 2019.  If changes were not approved, the tax proposal would be legally defective.

Despite this, on March 11, 2019, Superintendent Austin Beutner sent a letter to Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters, Dean Logan, asking him to significantly alter the board-approved language. But as the board itself was first advised, moving forward with ballot language that was never approved by the LAUSD board violates both the Brown Act and the Elections Code.

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  1. I hope the LA moron voters turn it down.
    Let the SEIU pay up!
    They have been bleeding the taxpayer for too long.
    They are unethical and therefore illegal.
    Mismanagement of budgets shouldn’t have to be born by the hard working taxpayers.
    Start firing people, reducing staffs, you only need one principle at a school not one with a cadre of vice-principles. A waste of taxpayer money.
    Like I said, get rid of the unions and 90% of your problems go away.

  2. tomsquawk says

    simple answers; pension and administrative looting. so the tax payers will get looted

  3. California Political Review is such an underrated site, so valuable to me updated on all the various issues facing residents of this state. A very serious THANKS!

  4. Anthony G. says

    It’s never enough for these vampires. Tax, Tax, Tax. Can anybody anywhere tell me just how much money will ever be enough. If they tax us at 100 percent would that be enough. F–K them all…….

  5. askeptic says

    Silly Bird, rules like the Brown Act are only for the Little People, and were never intended to apply to our august aristocracy at LAUSD.

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