The Missing Item in Health Care Discussion — the Tax Code

MedizinAttempts at creating a single payer health care system have stalled so a group of liberal organizations are backing a package of bills to achieve a form of universal coverage. But you can pull out the same label on this attempt that sidetracked single payer—“woefully incomplete.”  They don’t want to say how much this universal health care plan will cost or where the money is coming from.

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Sure the state treasury is brimming with unexpected cash and the budget is at an all time high. However, anyone who has ridden the California budget rollercoaster over the last couple of decades knows that flush times won’t last.

Creating new entitlements on health care that provide subsidies as called for in the plan and includes all residents despite legal status has big dollar signs all over it.

The single payer proposal was weighted down with a $400 billion price tag. Even if the new effort would cost a smaller portion of that amount, the health care change would still add billions to state spending.

Tax increases would probably be part of the proposal to cover the cost. It is hard to see how they can be avoided. But, the M.O. of those seeking tax increases generally has been to get support for tax measures by limiting tax increases on someone else — the rich or corporations are favorite targets.

Such an idea just adds another story onto a tax structure built on a wobbly foundation. When the next economic downturn hits, the structure crumbles and many government programs will be gasping for fiscal oxygen, especially the proposed universal health care.

If health care reformers want to create a new way to expand health care coverage, they first better consider thinking about a tax code that will not undercut the economy and at the same time be able to better manage economic pitfalls.

Such a bill doesn’t exist in the proposed healthcare reform package.

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  1. “…Sure the state treasury is brimming with unexpected cash and the budget is at an all time high…..”

    In trying to justify their stupid plan the Dem’s point to the cash. The above sentence says it all. (budget is at an all time high) Democrats that is the new name for Socialist’s don’t know how to stop spending. The stupidity of the plan when private sector plans are succeeding is remarkable.

    Dem’s never saw a chance to NOT force on the public government restraints……. It is their way or no way.

  2. Brenda Torres says

    Plus, I’m sure the coverage will have limitations! Do you really think it will cover endless coverage for the handicapped, old and useless?!!!

  3. STUPID shit Liberal morons want ALL of Californians to pay for the Illegal mexican scums healthcare. If you walk into any emergency room in California all you will see is Illegal mexicans waiting for their free healthcare all provided by CALIFOIRNIA TAPAYERS so Democrates can stay in power..Your time is over demwits…nov 2018 is the date it will happen..

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