Trump heavily favored over DeSantis among California Republicans, poll shows 

Former President Donald Trump is favored over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis among registered Republican voters in California in the 2024 presidential primary, a new poll from Emerson College Polling and Inside California Politics shows. 

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54.5% of registered Republican respondents said they would most likely vote for Trump in the presidential primary, nearly three times as many who said they would vote for DeSantis (18.7%).

The poll was conducted from June 4 – 7, before a federal indictment against Trump became public.

Former Vice President Mike Pence was the top choice for 11.8% of those polled, with former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley rounding out the top four with support from 5.7% of respondents.

However, among California voters, both Trump and DeSantis trailed President Joe Biden by more than 20 percentage points in hypothetical matchups.

53.5% of respondents favored Biden over Trump, who was the preferred candidate for 31.7% of respondents. If that matchup were to repeat itself in 2024, 9.6% said they would vote for someone else and 5.2% said they were undecided.

A similar percentage, 53.7%, favored Biden over DeSantis, who was the preferred candidate for 28.4% of respondents. In that matchup, 10.3% said they would vote for someone else and 7.6% said they were undecided. 

Biden Sweeps 2024 Democratic Primary Poll

As the incumbent president, Biden is easily the favorite in the 2024 Democratic primary among registered Democrats polled. 

Biden was the top choice for 73.3% of registered Democrats polled.

Robert Kennedy Jr., an anti-vaccine activist and nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, was the second most popular choice with 16.2% favoring him. 6.6% of respondents said they would vote for author Marianne Williamson.

4.6% said they would vote for someone else.

Democratic Politicians’ Approval Rating

Despite the strong support from California voters in the two seemingly most likely 2024 matchups, Biden’s approval rating among respondents (43.9%) was only about 4 percentage points higher than those who said they disapproved of the job he was doing as president (39.6%).

Vice President and California native Kamala Harris fared slightly worse than the president. 37% of California voters polled said they approve of her job performance while 41.8% said they disapprove. 

44.7% of respondents said they approve of Governor Gavin Newsom. 39.4% said they disapprove. 

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  1. Not me…Any Republican but Trump.
    He will tear this county apart with his endless controversies.
    I wish he would back off and wonder off into the sunset and let a younger Republican with a better demeanor step up to the plate.

    • Rudy Melendez says

      kjn nobody respects a flame thrower hiding behind initials.
      Grow some balls or were you born with a vagina?

  2. Robert Dorn says

    Not me… No Republican but Trump. DeSantis is just another politician. Trump has a proven track record of getting things done even with the majority of DC working against him. I’d rather have controversy than $5 gas.

  3. Controversies?yes but all are coming from democatras .
    Remember Russian collusion?,Clinton emails?
    And so on.

  4. The communist Left will attempt to destroy anyone running against them. Why even consider a candidate not targeted by Deep State? The difference with Trump is he fights back, and has a decent chance of winning.

  5. I won’t vote for Trump, either. No matter what this pathological liar says now, he is likely to make a deal with the prosecutors to keep his criminal, authoritarian self out of prison for the rest of his life. I’m pretty sure the deal would include an agreement that he not run for office again.

    I think criminal defendant Trump should be assigned a good part of the blame that the Republican Party has been devastated in California in recent years.

    • Rudy Melendez says

      You are obviously not from California and or California native born.
      Cancel your la times, sac bee and turn off your faux television too!

    • I would put the blame on people that just vote without reading the issue that’s why we have a democratic super majority in California I really don’t think that Trump has anything to do with the stupidly in the way the left votes in California.

  6. Desantis must wait! Trump’s time!

  7. DeSantis is the better choice with a much better chance of winning in the general election than Trump….despite democrats’ cheating. I’ve met some democrats & independents who like DeSantis. They’d vote for him over Biden. However they’re never, ever vote for Trump. Yes, Trump got screwed over in the last election, but that doesn’t mean he’s entitled to be the nominee.

    • Rudy Melendez says

      karen nobody said Trump was entitled except you.
      Virtually every poll shows Trump the clear favorite.
      Your denial is unbecoming be honest with yourself.

  8. Even if you don’t like President Trump’s personality and bravado, you still have to admit to all the good things he promised and accomplished because he loves America and Americans compared to the dems. He is battle-tested and was still standing even after constant barrages. This counts for a lot in my book. He was and will be a great President.

  9. CA_is_a_liberal_hellhole says

    “However, among California voters, both Trump and DeSantis trailed President Joe Biden by more than 20 percentage points in hypothetical matchups.”

    There’s little to be hopeful about in CA when the voting block pulls for democrats over and over.

  10. CriticalDfence9 says

    Sounds like Dominion tabulated the poll votes…

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