Trump Reportedly Getting Ready to Throw Giuliani and John Eastman Under the Bus

It’s possible that a third indictment is coming for former President Donald Trump for his involvement in January 6, and one legal strategy being hinted at is blaming the lawyers who advised him at the time.

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Trump has claimed in his Truth Social posts that he “did nothing wrong” when the January 6 insurrection happened and he allegedly tried to steal the 2020 election, and that he was “advised by many lawyers” at the time. In a new Rolling Stone report by Asawin Suebsaeng and Adam Rawnsley those lawyers could very well turn out to be the scapegoats, specifically John Eastman and Rudy Giuliani:

The attorneys were acting on Trump’s behalf. But in this legal strategy, Team Trump would argue it was the lawyers leading Trump, rather than the other way around.

“It is an argument the [former] president likes, and the team is on board with it,” one Trump adviser bluntly says, then somewhat ominously adding: “John [Eastman] and Rudy [Giuliani] gave a lot of counsel … Other people can decide how sound it was.”

Judging by the testimony given by both Giuliani and Eastman, they knew that the advice they were giving was short of “sound.” In late July, Giuliani admitted in a court filing that statements he made publicly and repeatedly about Georgia election workers allegedly committing fraud were false. And when Eastman testified before the January 6 Committee in June 2022, he admitted that despite knowing that using former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the 2020 election was illegal, he pushed for it anyway. Eastman even emailed Giuliani requesting that he “should be on the [presidential] pardon list, if that is still in the works.”

But placing blame on “advice of counsel” might not be enough because Trump listens to many other people besides his lawyers, including people who aren’t lawyers at allTim Parlatore, one of Trump’s former lawyers who quit this past May, told Rolling Stone how weak that defense could be:

“To my mind, ‘advice of counsel’ is a much more narrow defense, whereas a more comprehensive view of everything that went into Trump’s state of mind, and would affect the mens rea element of it, is more effective. This would include all of the advice and the information that he received and was basing his decision on — not just the advice from the attorneys who were formally representing him.”

But even with Trump placing the blame on others, that defense could backfire if he’s found to have committed a crime:

“[The ‘advice of counsel’ argument] has its limits. As a lawyer, I can’t tell my client: Look, there’s this obscure, ancient law that I found that says you can kill your wife. If the client goes out and kills his wife, it doesn’t really work if the client turns around and says, ‘Well, wait, my lawyer told me I could do that,’” says Steven Groves, who used to work as an attorney and then as a spokesman in the Trump White House.

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  1. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    Trump supporters are going to vote for Donald J. Trump in the 2024 presidential election.


    The CAGOP knows Trump will be the nominee, which is why they invited him to speak at their convention. They want to make some money off of Trump. However, the CAGOP’s rule changes are for a post-Trump world that will allow the establishment organization to have greater control over delegates. Not sure who exactly the CAGOP hopes to control as more Republicans switch to No Party Preference or leave the state.

  2. This article is NONSENSE.

    We The People know that Biden was fraudulently ‘elected’ by a massive left-wing criminal cartel, including ‘2000 Mules.’

    Get real people. PURGE Democrats 2024.

    • EVERYONE knows Trump is innocent of ALL charges stemming from this communist fascist racist satanic tyrannical democrat party of criminal hypocrites. No need to throw out the lawyers. All the evidence needed is on the J-6 video of Trump calling for peaceful protests, according to our Constitution. Next time it will definitely be a storm, the likes of which BLM, antifa, and the rest of these Soros PAID criminal protesters have never seen!!!!!

  3. President Trump will win Again!!

  4. Steve Douglass says

    I wonder what it would be like running the country from a jail cell?

    • Eleanor Howard says

      If Trump is found guilty of anything before the election and is in a jail cell, he will still receive the votes. America First MAGAs are tired of establishment RINOs (another word for CAGOP) and we will continue to support Trump.

      I have several Trump friends who were leaning away from him until communist indictments started. Now they are with Trump no matter what happens. Another Trump supporter I know has decided to go with Vivek R.

  5. So much wrong with this article. I know Eastman and he is a solid lawyer and constitutional lawyer. He was right about sending the votes back for review by state legislatures, and perhaps the best evidence of that is the fact Congress changed the 1887 Electoral Count Act in response. (As if any act of Congress could change the Constitution.) Trump will stand by Eastman and Giuliani. This is garbage.

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