Trump Sues California Over Three Laws Designed To Frustrate Immigration Enforcement

Jeff SessionsThe Trump administration sued California in a federal district court late Tuesday over its “sanctuary city” designation, arguing federal immigration law preempts three of the state’s laws.

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The Department of Justice noted in a statement one of the three laws prohibits private employees from “voluntarily cooperating with immigration officials” and requires employers to give employees advance notice of a potential worksite enforcement inspection.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, named a defendant in the suit, said after the law became effective Jan. 1 that he would “prosecute those who violate [Assembly Bill 450] by voluntarily cooperating with Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) efforts.” He later told employers that under the new law they can’t voluntarily grant ICE agents “physical access to nonpublic areas of the worksite or to employee records” without triggering legal penalties.

The second California law challenged bars state and local law enforcement officials from informing federal immigration agents of the release date of criminal aliens and prohibits state employees from transferring criminal aliens to federal custody, except in narrow circumstances. This one, Senate Bill 54, also became effective on Jan. 1.

The third bill, Assembly Bill 103 adopted June 27 of last year, authorized the California AG to inspect immigration detention facilities in the state to examine the “due process provided” immigration detainees, and “the circumstances around their apprehension and transfer to the facility.” This law also requires detention facilities to provide state officials access to confidential federal records.

The DOJ argues in its complaint the three laws — AB 450, SB 54, and AB 103 — conflict with federal immigration law and are thus invalid under the Supremacy Clause. With the complaint, the DOJ filed a motion for a preliminary injunction, seeking to pause enforcement of the California statutes until the lawsuit is played out in court. …

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  1. Bogiewheel says

    “Sanctuary jurisdictions provides a safer environment for the undocumented (illegal) to come forward and report crimes without fear of deportation.”

    I would be attentive to this quote, however, I’ve never seen nor read
    any data to back this claim.

    Jerry Brown is an obstructionist, he well knows that Obama won in
    The Supreme Court against Arizona regarding Federal supremacy.

  2. I live in the US of america of which California is one of. I am being for forced to pay for Illegal scum mexicans who BROKE US immigration laws now I have elected representatives paying for lawyers for this Illegal SCUM….Every California Politician starting with that dumb ass Brown and his Mexican Democrares…Time to take CA back and ship this Illegal wetback scum back to TJ…..

  3. Interesting that the state of California is demanding that its citizens break federal law. This is the lack of rule of law that governs the state of California. I guess they believe they are a country with rules on to themselves and damn the rest of the US.

  4. About time. Don’t stop with the Oakland mayor or old “If it’s brown, flush it down” Gov Brown, also charge all the sanctuary city mayors in California.

  5. The Captive says

    How many of the illegal-scum are nazi-islamo-terrorists? They are here and also pass as Mexicans . They don’t belong here and need to be
    taken out . These are the same invaders who have made CC in the schools teach sharia law. This needs to be stopped and the mosques of war destroyed.

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