Undocumented immigrants in California could have a new path to homeownership

Undocumented immigrants could have a new pathway to the American dream of owning a home.

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Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno) introduced Assembly Bill 1840 last month to expand the eligibility requirement for a state loan program to clarify that loans for first-time buyers are available to undocumented immigrants.

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The California Dream for All Shared Appreciation Loans program that launched last March by the California Housing Finance Agency offered qualified first-time home buyers with a loan worth up to 20% of the purchase price of a house or condominium. The loans don’t accrue interest or require monthly payments. Instead, when the mortgage is refinanced or the house is sold again, the borrower pays back the original amount of the loan plus 20% of the increase in the home’s value.

The original program was established in an effort to help low- and middle-income individuals buy a home, but the program doesn’t address eligibility based on immigration status, Arambula said.

“It’s that ambiguity for undocumented individuals, despite the fact that they’ve qualified under existing criteria, such as having a qualified mortgage,” he said in an interview. “Underscores the pressing need for us to introduce legislation.”

If Assembly Bill 1840 is passed, it would broaden the definition of “first-time home buyer” to include undocumented immigrants.

Without the explicit status, undocumented individuals may be discouraged or left out of the opportunity to participate, Arambula said.

“Homeownership has historically been the primary means of accumulating generational wealth in the United States,” he said. “The social and economic benefits of homeownership should be available to everyone.”

The California Dream for All Shared Appreciation Loans program hit its applications limit of about 2,300 applicants in 11 days last year and the program was halted.

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  1. No interest or monthly payments? Gee I wish I had that deal when I bought my first home. So we are now going to help illegal aliens accumulate “generational wealth” at the expense of the taxpayers? Really? Let’s just add to the budget deficit!

  2. And they wonder why us NORMAL people are leaving Kommei-fornia in droves!!!

  3. The answer to this travesty lies directly at the feet of the California voter. Apparently the supposed voters in that State could care less about the responsible spending of their tax monies by the out of control politicians they elect.

  4. Fed up with bs says

    I understand helping first time home buyers, and a 20 plus percent return on investment isn’t too bad. What I don’t understand is helping someone who is here illegally. Why reward them? Enforce the law and deport them!

  5. Here’s how they handle these things in NY

    “Kathy Hochul Moves Forward with Plan to Prioritize Illegal Immigrants for NY State Jobs
    (The state will) retool the Civil Service Commission to put illegal aliens at the head of the line for state jobs.

    At the end of January, Hochul approved a plan for the state to hire 4,000 illegal aliens for entry-level state jobs. … The rules requiring applicants to take the civil service exam and to have a high school diploma have been eliminated.”

  6. Tell me again the advantages of being a US Citizen! Oh yeah, we must pay taxes and join the military. I forgot.

  7. Vote Dem OUT!!!

  8. I’m sure Newsom has his dirty fingers in this objective. We need to dump him in every way possible.

  9. Newsom is a Globalist and a WEF “Young Global Leader”. He will be the next candidate for President for the Democrats. http://www.maloneinstitute.org

  10. There is no more AMERICA/USA. We are now globalist without say….

  11. Just like our host on this forum, I am a Army Veteran.

    I am tired of this crap. I am tired of paying so the Democrats graft and illegal actions can stay in power.

    I am tired of watching supposed patriots turn the other cheek and making the middle class bear the entire long term load so the likes of corrupt Democrats can stay in office.

    I am tired of a supposed state Republican Party makes deals that keep the criminals in office.

    • Leo of Sacramento says

      are you REALLY tired of it? Really???
      Are you fed up with the State of California? How did you vote, last time out? What was done in YOUR area?
      Did u support Dahle? If not, what WAS the reasoning?
      I’ve heard he was:
      1) Trying to make his own kingdom up North;
      2) Termed out and looking for an office;
      3) Sat down, and got OWNED in a 2 person debate by slick willie.
      4) Wasn’t very believable for his own campaign.

      I too, am an Army Vet. Retired. WW2 status, Persian Gulf War 1, status. Union member, Steward, Officer on their Governing Board, status. State worker, County worker. Just a plain ol, JOE.
      IF, “Really???”, you truly are a Veteran, then you KNOW the following:

      “Lead, Follow or get out of my way” & “Deeds not Words.”

      Two phrases which will help guide my campaign, as I “explore” running for State Governor of California for 2026.
      (Exception for the re-call attempt)
      This is one of many travesties, we are enduring in California. Why? Are we attempting to destroy a State, BEFORE leaving office? Destroying a State, BEFORE Trump returns to office? Which is it?

      Leo Naranjo IV

      Contact me if you wish to know more. Support I can use; illegals methods I don’t do.
      I too, am tired of it, which is why I want to run.
      I too, am tired of the party NOT being more aggressive, which is why I intend to run.
      Who am I? I am, representative of millions of California’s who are stuck here; who no one seems to care a rats-A*** about until election times; who pay thru the nose taxes which seemingly never cease to climb; who are being robbed blind by both the Legislature and criminals with no recourse.
      Who am I? I am that guy, who’s willing to run AS a Republican, in a DEMO controlled State.
      Who else is?? NO ONE. Who? Name them? Right now, not one Republican is standing up.

      Is it because it’s a guaranteed loss? How do you know, if you don’t TRY? Never show up on the field, and you lose a battle, each and every time.

      I hope to earn that trust, from EVERYONE, to be successful in running.
      I’m willing to fight for changes, the question is: Are the people of California willing?
      Are you?

  12. Really??? Home ownership for illegals??? WOW!!!
    First question I would LOVE to ask this nimrod Arambula – DOES HE OWN PROPERTY IN MEXICO???
    Well – the answer is most likely NO – unless he’s a CITIZEN!!!!!!

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