Use $21 Billion Surplus Instead of Taxing Californians More

California has a record $21.5 billion surplus.

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That’s the good news. The bad news is that we have all that money because you are being overtaxed.

Earlier this month, Gov. Gavin Newsom released his revised budget proposal, the largest in California history.

At a staggering $214 billion dollars, the budget is larger than that of most nations and every other state.

The budget also includes a new $140 million tax on water customers to help all Californians have access to clean water.

Clean water is important, and there are a million people in the Central Valley without access to it. But do we need a new tax to pay for it?  Maybe we don’t.

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  1. …..and just ignore the almost trillion dollar pension/bond debt we have.

  2. Bogiewheel says

    I have a feeling that a portion of this “surplus” will find it’s way into the
    2020 Presidential election.

  3. The smart thing to do?
    First things first. Since public employee unions are unethical and are supported by tax dollars, de-certify, making them illegal. There you just saved billions of dollars.
    Second thing is to go to a part time government legislature. There’s no need for taxpayers to fund these slackers on the dole all year. Maybe half time – three months in the early spring and three months in the early fall. There’s another billion or two that you save the tax payer.
    Next, no more free stuff for non-citizens – zip, zero, nada! Talk about saving time and dollars?
    Now, how about fixing our ballot box and the voting booth. Go back to one day voting, in person, with identification. Absentee ballots for military, state department, and hospitalized or care home patients.
    California’s legislature doesn’t have the guts to follow through on any of this, it would hurt their bottom line. Being selfish and ignorant the state will lose. That 21 billion will be piddled away and the taxes will go up.
    We have nothing but morons voting in this state!

    • Well said Jim!!

    • The Captive says

      I like all these reasons to use and keep prudent control of our taxes. The left and their ilk are up to NO GOOD! This state is not in control of anything . Only the CORRUPT WANT THEIR GREEDY HANDS ON ALL THAT MONEY. Yes, by all means have VOTER ID-ONE DAY VOTING IS GOOD TOO. Yes absentee voting by the military and those unable to get to the poles. These are the right things to do ! JUST DO IT!!

  4. Pensions are bankrupting cities as well. In our county we pay for two police and two fire departments. Oxnard is cutting services because of it and they are not the only ones. The unfunded pension liability is larger than that surplus can touch and the infra structure is in shambles, like the Oroville Dam. The governor said he is planning to give free healthcare to illegals. Talk about attracting them, just like the homeless in SF which have ruined the city.

  5. Mr. Pickle says

    Funny how the GAS/Diesel Tax & DMV Fee, er – Taxes went up under SB-1 and now we have this HUGE surplus. I smell a VERY dirty Rat in all of this. My fear like others is it will be used on pension promises the Legislature made years ago………… The DEBT we have needs to be SCREAMED out to Ca folks as most have no clue how bad it is.
    As always in this state, it is follow the money. Just like State Parks back in 2012 and Crooked Coleman at the helm as Director……… And now the stupid leaders want health care for illegals and voting rights and, and and……….. WE the real taxpayers are fed up with all of this. Return the money, or use the money AS we mandated it to be used……. Gruesome Newsom and all his pie in the sky social stuff must stop. I think even HE knows he is an idiot. 🙂 But then again, the stupid voters just keep electing the same idiots over and over again…. May I suggest they READ the oath of office that all swore they would uphold. But then again, perhaps they don’t know how to read………… Jerks! WHAT part of the word illegal don’t they understand? When laws are broken, tyranny follows………….

  6. Does anyone truly believe that high-speed Sacramento is capable of doing anything remotely intelligent with money? Open borders and a welfare state can not co-exist. The billions will disappear, California infrastructure will continue to deteriorate and taxes will continue to rise. Welcome to Socialism.

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