VIDEO: California’s high-speed rail to come in well above $68B budget?

“Taxifornia” author James Lacy discusses concerns about California’s high-speed rail project with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney including cost overruns and tunneling through the San Gabriel and Tehachapi Mountains.

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  1. “Well Above”
    It would not be surprising if it were $168B v. $68B;
    this is after all, the Moonbeam Administration, that lives on Pipe Dreams.

    • I am quite sure the state will be in financial melt down way before the first rail is ever put down.. The dumbocreeps are living in a fantasyworld here in Ka Ka Land.. debt like we have now is UNSUSTAINABLE! And there is no “Plan B” when tax money drys up as we all know it will.. It is estimated 5-10,000 people a week are fleeing Kommifornia to Texas etc., and those are TAXPAYERS too! The rest who stay are tax TAKERS and not tax PAYERS!! Does anyone in charge anywhere understand this disaster waiting to happen?!!! Looks not… bend over citizens HERE it comes again!

  2. I’m sure that $168B is a much more realistic number.

  3. Gadda Gedada Displace says

    This CAN’T be seriously asking “IF”, right ? It HAS to be a pool for “by how much” or “by what MULTIPLE”, right ?

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