What would make legislation in California truly ‘family friendly?’

CapitolEvery year California politicians push bills advertised as “family friendly.” This label is certainly useful to gain sympathy for a proposal. It’s akin to labeling a bill “The Protect Puppies Act.” Who could possibly object to that except heartless cretins?

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Last year a number of bills were advanced as “family friendly” including Senate Bill 63 by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara. Known as the “baby bonding” bill, it is now illegal for an employer of 20 or more employees to refuse to allow an eligible employee to take up to 12 weeks of job-protected parental leave to bond with a new child within one year of the child’s birth, adoption or foster-care placement. It also mandates that an employer maintain and pay for the employee’s continued group health coverage during the duration of the leave. Prior to the passage of this bill, parental leave was mandated only for companies with 50 or more employees.

Another “family friendly” bill that became law last year was Assembly Bill 1127, from Assemblyman Ian Calderon, D-Whittier. It requires that diaper-changing stations be available to dads as well as moms at sporting arenas, auditoriums, libraries, passenger terminals, shopping malls, large restaurants and other places.

It is difficult not to be sympathetic to legislation which, at least on the surface, appears to make life easier for parents. But does the family-friendliness of such proposals cloud the judgment of our policy leaders as to the potential downside? California already has a horrible reputation as being anti-business. Indeed, for more than a decade CEO Magazine has ranked California dead last among states as a place to do business.

It’s no secret that, even with a resurgent economy, California continues to bleed jobs. Its share of the growth in the national labor force is a fraction of what it should be, given our population. The trend line of citizens moving out of California — known as “net domestic outmigration” — is well documented. …

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  1. Mr. Pickle says

    Yes, way too many Bills already so elected officials can increase their bill count. thousands of bills out there every year, and puts the PUBLIC at a serious disadvantage to review ALL of them. Who the hell has the time to track all of these. WORK ON GETTING our DEBT load down, and review EVERY agency for cost abuses and existence in the the first place………. Grrrrr. Use caution on NIMBY bills where some pull political favors while at the same time have FILED questionable lawsuits against the state at the same time. Waste of OUR tax dollars.

  2. That answer is easy, get rid of all the Democraps because the only group of people they support is the Illegal Mexican trash…The whole government of California is corrupt and they need to go to jail…

  3. The most “family friendly” law? Allow Demowits only a single term in office – any office. One term, one office – that’s it.

  4. tomsquawk says

    family friendly = repeal gas tax, leave prop. 13 alone, don’t lower tax votes to a simple majority and above all push the progressives out of elected office and bureaucratic jobs while stopping indoctrination at public universities. common sense, problem solved.

  5. CaliExpat says

    Notice how these morons write fluffy laws instead of dealing with REAL problems, like water storage and sourcing (desalination) ???

    It’s easier to write fluffy, BS feel-good laws for “Daddy diapering” rather than figuring out how to provide water to the state…

    And you people keep electing Hannah-Breath Jackson…she’s useless and been there for what, twenty years???

  6. When a state has a one party legislature, they can call a bill whatever they want to.

  7. You raise a really good point. The family friendly phrase offers a certain connotation and both sides of the aisle use it frequently. It reminds me that as responsible voters we should research our bills instead of just listening to what we’re told. Thankfully there are blogs and social media accounts who will help the masses. Even those involved in IT forensics can hep discover if they’re lying. I had no idea there were so many people moving out of California.

  8. What legislation would make CA “family friendly”?
    A good start would be the legislature disbanding itself.

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