Accused of sexual misconduct, Sen. Mendoza faces expulsion from CA Legislature

Democratic Sen. Tony Mendoza is taking a voluntary month-long leave of absence amid an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct toward young women who worked for him.

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Mendoza’s announcement came after four hours of closed door meetings Wednesday by Senate Democrats. The Artesia senator steadfastly refused calls to step aside for weeks and reiterated that defiant tone the morning before senators met.

In a brief statement, he didn’t say what changed his mind. He’ll be paid during the month.

Mendoza says he’ll come back Feb. 1 or sooner if the investigation concludes. The Senate has hired outside law firms to look into the allegations against him, but Mendoza says he has no indication the investigation has begun. He says he looks forward to clearing his name.

He’s accused of misconduct including offering a young woman staff member alcohol when she was underage and inviting another to his home. One of his former staff members has filed a formal complaint with the state alleging she was fired for reporting the behavior. …

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  1. Ahhh What can be furthur said about the ARROGANT, SELF CENTERED, INCOMPETENT ASS, from Artesia? When he was elected to the CA legislature I heard that most Artesia city councilmen and others almost did a back flip because he would NOT be annoying them with his concieted attitude and sniping of the others ESPECIALLY ALL conservatives (of which there are few in Artesia)! He is getting all he desesrves and hopefully MY rep old Tony Mendoza, will be ran out of Stinkramento, tarred and feathered like he desperately NEEDS!

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