AirBnB Goes to War Against San Diego to Kill Rental Regulations

AirbnbInfuriated over San Diego’s strict new short-term rental regulations, Airbnb and HomeAway have launched a referendum effort in hopes of overturning legislation it has characterized as a ban.

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Signature gatherers have already started circulating petitions, which ask that the San Diego City Council either repeal the new regulations, which do not go into effect until next July, or place the matter before the voters. The referendum effort is being funded by the Committee to Expand the Middle Class, supported by Airbnb, which so far has contributed $100,000 to the campaign group.

The referendum is a joint effort by the online home sharing platforms Airbnb, HomeAway, and Share San Diego, a coalition of short-term rental hosts and vacation rental management companies. In a call Tuesday with members of the press, the coalition discussed its plan to fight back against the council’s action last Wednesday to significantly rein in the proliferation of short-term rentals citywide.

That fight could also include legal challenges, although representatives said their current focus is on the referendum effort. …

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