Another Democratic Assemblyman Abruptly Retires

Assemblyman Sebastian Ridley-Thomas abruptly announced his resignation from the California Legislature on Wednesday, citing health reasons.

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Ridley-Thomas, a Democrat from Los Angeles, informed Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) Tuesday night.

“The reason for this difficult decision is that I am facing persistent health issues,” Ridley-Thomas, 30, said in a written statement on Wednesday. “On December 18th, I underwent surgery for the fifth time this year. Although I expect a full recovery, my physicians advise that I will need an extended period of time to recuperate.”

Earlier this year, Ridley-Thomas was absent from work for more than two weeks. Staff members initially said the absence was a personal leave, then said the time off was due to unspecified medical reasons. His resignation letter on Wednesday offered no additional details. …

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  1. Too bad it was not his ARROGANT dumb assed LA County board of supervisors father!

  2. Missed work (apparently only once?) “for more than two weeks,” although “underwent surgery for the fifth time this year”? But didn’t miss work for those other four surgeries? Probably ought to get your story straight, Senator!

  3. Just another sexual predator brought to you by the Socialist communist democratic party!!!! Looks like the demwits are going to have a hard time getting the female vote because the only thing they want to screw is little boys!!!

  4. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree.

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