Becerra loses yet another court case against Trump

A federal judge has turned down a request from the state of California to put an immediate stop to enforcement of a key part of the Trump administration policy aimed at punishing so-called sanctuary cities and other jurisdictions seeking to protect undocumented immigrants.

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U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick did not rule out eventually deciding the case in the state’s favor and, at times in the 28-page opinion he issued Monday, he sounded sympathetic to many of the state’s arguments about Attorney General Jeff Session’s stated plans to enforce a 1996 law aimed at requiring local and state officials to cooperate with requests for information about the citizenship and immigration status of individuals they encounter.

However, Orrick said many of the legal issues involved were murky and did not tip so clearly in favor of the state as to warrant a preliminary injunction blocking the Justice Department from using the two-decade-old law known as Section 1373 to deny certain federal grants to localities and states seen to be in violation of the federal law. …

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  1. OMG, state officials may have to comply with Federal Law……..
    Oh, the Humanity!

  2. JLSeagull says

    AG Bracero aught to be deported. He has overstayed his work visa.

  3. Sometimes you have to wonder just how far from reality will Californians allow their assembly to drift off the ranch before we come and get them back to the job of assisting the people who live here and not following some idealistic angel into the gates of hell?

    • JoAnna Jensen says

      Absolutely crazy I do love that sessions came out today I hope to god Californians will vote smart judge Bailey Fo r ca a/g Travis Allen and mark measur for ca Secretary of State we ha e options

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