Bill to Create New Reparations Agency Passes Senate Judiciary Committee

Reparations bills poised to face a difficult year in the Legislature

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A bill to create a new state agency, the California American Freedman Affairs Agency, to assist Californians with any approved reparations programs, passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in an 8-1 vote, with 2 abstentions.

Senate Bill 1403, authored by Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena), would specifically establish the California American Freedmen Affairs Agency in state government, under the control of the secretary, who would be appointed by the Governor. SB 1403 would require the agency to implement the recommendations of the Task Force, as well as require the agency to determine how an individual’s status as a descendant would be confirmed. The bill would also require proof of an individual’s descendant status to be a qualifying criteria for benefits authorized by the state for descendants. To accomplish these goals, the bill would require the agency to be comprised of a Genealogy Office and an Office of Legal Affairs.

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SB 1403 would further require the agency to oversee and monitor existing state agencies and departments tasked with engaging in direct implementation of the policies that fall within the scope of the existing state agencies and departments’ authority, including policies related to reparations.

SB 1403 is one of 14 reparations-related bills introduced this session. They are the first bills to come after the California Reparations Task Force unveiled their final list of recommendations. Originally, the Task Force had tried to recommend a plan that would have cost the state up to $800 billion. This received widespread backlash, with so many Californians from across the political spectrum being opposed to the plan that Task Force members came out and said “STOP focusing on the monetary part of the plan.” Another figure of $1.2 million given to each black resident was also scrutinized.

SB 1403 moves up

Finally, because of the severe lack of support for giving any kind of monetary compensation coming from both California residents and lawmakers alike, all cash reparations proposals were dropped. Instead, lawmakers focused on general improvement bills, many of which would come at no or little cost to the taxpayer. SB 1403, while costing some state money because of it starting a new agency, was introduced to help facilitate all, if any, reparations bills passed by the legislature and signed into law. If passed, it would only create the agency, and not implement any of the bills stemming from the Task Force’s recommendations.

“This is a commonsense measure, something that’s long overdue for California and the nation,” said Senator Bradford on Tuesday.

The bill passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday as a result. However, the vote was 8 t0 1 with 2 abstentions, showing that even a relatively innocuous bill like SB 1403 still had opposition, possibly foreshadowing even greater opposition to more robust reparations bills this year and in future years.

“The eye is on the money,” explained Legal adviser Richard Weaver to the Globe on Tuesday. “The state is $73 billion in the red right now, on top of many lawmakers and especially residents not believing that reparations should be a thing. Anything reparations related will have the question “How much is this going to cost?”. Cash payments are already out. They are extremely unpopular, plus Newsom said he wouldn’t support them. But the cost of these programs, well, that’s more of a grey area. They aren’t direct cash payments, but they’ll cost a lot and only benefit a fraction of the population.”

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  1. The public is too scared of being called racist to rise up in opposition to this ridiculous effort for reparations. Wealthy Black people, highly successful Black people, many if not most Black people have profited greatly from living in California and the rest of the United States. I doubt any of the pro-reparations politicians have traveled to Nairobi or the Congo. This is nothing more than a giant wealth transfer program propagated by the progressives in power in California, a giveaway to ‘secure’ the Black vote. Conservatives could get some advantage by associating Newsom with the giveaway of $1 to $5 million to each Black person who can prove that an ancestor was once a slave in any state (since this never happened in California). We are made cowards by the inmates of the progressive insane asylum. There is plenty of other evidence of racist policy that is factual (e.g., real estate redlining, insurance, driving while Black) but it has nothing to do with the pre-1865 slavery conditions on the other side of this country. It makes far more sense, for example, to support a program that gives middle-income Black people some sort of leg-up on buying their first home, as this is rationally related to prior discrimination against them here in California.

    • There are already a number of first time home buyer programs in California that are open to ALL that qualify. Creating a program specifically for blacks would be discriminatory. Lots of different groups of people have been discriminated against at one time or another. It is time for Martin Luther King’s dream of a color blind society. Perpetuating discrimination isn’t the way to get there.

  2. By Robin M. Itzler, American Thinker,  7/25/23 
    Marxists in California must have missed CNN (Confederate Network News) on January 1, 1863, when Republican President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed all the slaves from Democrat southern states. Following the Union victory over the Confederacy at the Battle of Antietam, the executive order declared that any enslaved person in Confederate states would be set free.
    However, there was no one to free in California since that state entered the union in 1849 as a free state. But today, the absurd California Reparations Task Force wants to give up to $1.2 million to each eligible resident who might have had an ancestor that was enslaved in another state before 1863.
    That sounds so progressive: take money from people who were not slave owners and give it to people who were not slaves.

    • EXACTLY!!! NOW – these idiots in charge – want to punish US, who weren’t alive then and probably didn’t have any slaves – to pay people who were NEVER slaves, and may not have had slaves in their families, AND THEY WERE PAID back then.
      On TOP of all that – YO, IDIOTS, Calif NEVER HAD SLAVES!!!!!! DUH!!!!

  3. Let me get this straight.

    My family has been in North America since 1700
    My family has never owned slaves.
    \My family had members in indentured service and never asked for reparations
    My family has fought or been in military service of the nation from Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm.
    My family lived in California since mid-1800’s
    California was never a Slave state therefore there were no slaves here.

    Take your reparations and sit on it.

  4. Rico Lagattuta says

    The California Senate needs to give it up. If this bill is passed and goes into effect it will only divide the state more and drive more whites out of the state.

  5. Rico Lagattuta says

    If the public is too sacred of being called racist, then they deserve the tax burden that will be placed on them to support this nonsense.

  6. Tired of the Bull CRAP! says

    California voters – you should be ashamed of yourself for electing/HIRING such idiots!!!!

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