Blame game as car break-ins escalate in S.F.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

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An alarming 47 percent spike in San Francisco car break-ins in the first half of this year has prompted a blame game between police, prosecutors and politicians while repeat victims like Kelley Maulbetsch are left feeling exasperated and helpless.

When Maulbetsch walked to her car one morning last week in San Francisco’s Mission District, her usual upbeat demeanor quickly gave way to sour frustration. Someone had smashed a hole in the rear passenger-side window of her Volkswagen Jetta station wagon and made off with the paltry haul — two camping chairs and a music stand.

Pea-size pieces of glass were strewn about her car’s interior while chunks of the window still broke away from the hastily punched hole as she pulled up later that day to In and Out Auto Glass in the city’s Bayview district. …

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  1. What do you expect when you become a SANCTUARY CITY and you welcome ALL elements!!! 16 inmates get released from jail, so you can’t blame “realinement? It only takes one or two people and a van to cover the city in one night. Oh yeah, SF is virtually a gun-free zone!, I wonder…

  2. When committing a crime has such a reduced risk of serious penalty, or any penalty at all, you get more crime.
    CA currently observes the former, and is working to implement the latter.

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