Boom in Driver’s Licenses Issued to Illegal Immigrants

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

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Judith Benitez had gone most of her adult life without knowing how to drive.

The 35-year-old woman from Mexico who is in the U.S. illegally would ask family members for rides to pick up her children from school. Trips to the grocery store or the doctor’s office were complicated.

That changed last year when Assembly Bill 60 was implemented, granting people in the country illegally the right to obtain driver’s licenses in California. Benitez, who lives in Lemon Grove, learned to drive and was among those in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles the day the law took effect.

“Truthfully, it was an extremely emotional time because having a [driver’s] license isn’t just any little thing,” she said. “We feel a little more protected.”

An estimated 605,000 licenses were issued under the law last year, accounting for nearly half of all new licenses, according to the California DMV. Nearly 400,000 of the licenses were issued during the first six months. …

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  1. What is the count he has handed out FREE over the last 8yrs?? Meeting at public schools handing out licenses and ss#’s this will all be coming out Jerry Brown. The treasonous acts committed by Jerry Brown are mounting—criminal.

  2. DR Richard Muccillo says

    These people will all be removed next year

    • UpChuck Liberals says

      Thankfully we’ve got Moonbeam Jr. coming up unless this state wakes UP and realizes we’re being ……. Not holding my breath, to many rich educated fools supporting the Dims.

  3. …and now, even with that newly minted Driver’s License, they still don’t know how to drive.

  4. Great news, now maybe I can sell my 20 year old Chevy, with the pink notice in the back window.

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