Bullet train is likely to face more environmental hurdles

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

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California’s high-speed train project is likely to continue to be buffeted by environmental challenges as a result of a decision by the state’s top court.

In a 6-1 ruling last week written by Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye, the California Supreme Court decided that federal rail law does not usurp California’s tough environmental regulation for state-owned rail projects.

The decision has broad significance, lawyers in the case said.

It clears the way for opponents of the $64-billion bullet train to file more lawsuits as construction proceeds and also allows Californians to challenge other rail uses, such as the movement of crude oil from fracking.

A federal court could later decide the matter differently, ruling that U.S. law trumps state regulation.

But lawyers in the field said …

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  1. askeptic says

    Oh, Nooz, tell me it isn’t true!

  2. askeptic says

    After secession there will be no conflict……and no possibility of Federal funding, the probability of which (funding) is currently Less Than Zero!

  3. Really??? says

    The current administration appears to think it is a screwup.

    Funding from the Feds with current attitude in Sacaramento is questionable at best.

    Brown et all will start to feel the backhand of the taxpayers that are fed up with increasing taxes. I almost hope they would try to leave. Bring in the troops and clean it out….

    Yes people I am now against the wall and have nothing to lose.

  4. So is the left going to ban CEQA now?

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