CA Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws

The California state senate agrees with Charlie Rangel that they “deserve” to own guns but the citizens do not.

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They voted 28-8 to exempt themselves from the gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the California.

You think maybe this will cause Californians to rise up? NOPE! It happened 5 years ago and since California has passed a plethora of other gun laws…that only apply to citizens.

Yes, you heard me right! The exemption was created in 2011 and the California legislature has passed a number of gun laws since. Pretty easy when you are passing bills that do not apply to you!

It is not the only special privileges California legislators provide themselves!

They do not pay red light camera bills or for gasoline!

How does it all happen so easily in California? The …

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  1. This is not right!!!

  2. This makes no sense. You mean the California legislature has decided to exempt itself from Federal gun control gun control laws. That’s the only way this makes sense.


    This is Bill SB 610 from 2011. The section below was REMOVED before it was passed and signed into law. (b) The good cause requirement shall be deemed met for either the following: (1) Any applicant who is a member of Congress, a statewide elected official, or a Member of the Legislature, for protection or self-defense. (2) The licensing authority fails to make a determination of good cause within 30-days of the application.

    • Danny Lee Cosat says

      I’m a natural citizen of the United States, a true patriot who served this country for over 21 years. I’m not insane. I’m a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. I last received a traffic ticket in 1979!
      Isn’t the second amendment “GOOD CAUSE” enough,

  4. askeptic says

    Laws are for thee, but not for me!
    – CA Legislature

  5. The people of California are out in orbit.. They have no clue what is going on in the country or their own state.. No matter what takes place there they are oblivious to it all. They are pre-occupied in their own worlds and could not care less about what happens in their state and country.. The most clueless people on the planet. They are uneducated and do not know anything about the world around them. Not surprised about anything that goes on out there.. They all might as well be in orbit for all the know.. It is scary how they are so clueless..

    • Scott Figgins says

      Not everyone in California are clueless .There are a lot of god fearing ,gun owning ,right wing conservatives in this state but we are outnumbered by the nutcases in the big cities . And our government doesn’t think it serves ALL of its people ,it only serves itself and the liberals .Did you know that there are more gun owners and more guns in California than there are in Texas? It’s not the complete population of California that’s the problem it’s the liberals and guess what?They’re spreading like cockroaches ,they’re spreading to every corner of this once great nation ,and they’re taking over the big cities near you at this very moment .So don’t say it’s all Californians , the problem is with liberals.

      • Well said Scott well said!

      • Well said. However governor Moonbeam Brown is so nutty. Hopefully we can get the fellow out of office.

      • God dang right my friend!! I was born and raised in California I’ll tell you what but my great grandparents would not have been happy with what’s going on with how this liberal government is taking away free citizens rights!! The founding fathers created the United States in the 13 colonies: Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island and Providence although I thought providence was a city but whatever. But what I’m saying is that my great grandparents would NOT have given their guns up from their “COLD DEAD HANDS” if the Americans were trying to take them away!!! LONG LIVE SPANISH CALIFORNIA!!!! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!

      • The only reason the statistics show that California has more guns than Texas is because Texans don’t tell everyone what we have. We easily have twice as many as California. Easily, but we’re not to tell you who has them and exactly how many.

      • Then move!

    • I beg to disagree.. We are well aware of how our State Government is screwing us out of rights on a daily basis. When you have progressives from all over the country moving into Major population centers like San Francisco and Los Angeles, the numbers of representatives out numbers the other 90% of the state with lesser populations… Nuke LA and SF and things would be quite different here….

    • So only in California , well your Obama Care, we are all under. All of Congress is exepmpt from. That happened right in front of you. It is actually unconstitutional and I’m sure this is also but I don’t see you doing anything about it. Most of the crap politicians pull is in closed door meetings.

  6. David A. Tomasello says

    So typical of a corrupt Government This does not surprise me one bit ! they are just following Hillary’s way of seeing the laws ! They just don’t apply to the elite !

    • David Tomasello, You mean like Congress as a whole exempting themselves and their staff from Obama Care?

  7. George D Franklin says

    It seems that we have lost the check and balance between the tax paying citizen and our elected officials. These officials seem to believe there above the law, although there writing the to benefit themselves. It a shame

  8. Does this mean Moonbeam signed the law? Mr. “fairness” and “nobody is above the law” Brown. Amazing place. Term Limits Term Limits Term Limits

    • Lmao…Jerry is a full blown hypocrite! My CCW instructor, who is a good friend with Jerry said, ” He owns all kinds of guns that are illegal in the state of Ca”. He also stated that “He has so many, he could be considered a collector”. He is a hypocrite that needs to be taken out of office and never return, not to mention he’s like 90 years old! TERM LIMITS PEOPLE, TERM LIMITS!!!

      • Ronald Smith says

        That is what happens when you have a Democratic majority in both houses of the state legislature and a liberal nut case for Governor.

        • Randy Townsend says

          Correct, Ronald. CA is lost, so why anyone bothers to complain is a mystery. This government will do as it damn well pleases, because they know they will never – NEVER – lose the majority. Get used to it or leave – those are the two choices.

      • Michael Markham says

        We have term limits in California it’s just we need the ones for the federal government.

        • We have term limits in California??? For who ~ the dogcatcher? Two names come to mind Pelosi and Feinstein…

          • Don’t forget that whack job Pelosi. IMO, not only do we need term limits, we need mandatory retirement at age 70 for any of these fossils. Feinstein is 80+ and clearly suffers from dementia

    • When I just became old enough to vote I remember voting Brown out of office. Now people who don’t know or remember the past put him back in.

  9. When citizens lose respect for the law anarchy soon follows. Perhaps our out-of-control state leaders ought to keep that in mind….

  10. Mark Sibayan says

    So “they” are above the law!

  11. Sounds like we need a CA proposition to assure that CA legislators, administrators, federal legislators are not exempt from any CA law. further any handgun owned since 2011 must require passing the CA gun safety test. Any acquisition made since 2011 where an exemption was made must be retaxed or invalidated as appropriate. further any federal legislator or agency not law officers must conform to CA law. Concealed carry permits where influenced by any government legislative or administrtive status shall be revoked and reapplied for again. the only special status shall be for retired peace officers. Any gun sales will observe all the CA rules such as waiting limits, etc. Any millionaire want to put this proposition on the ballot? a good stepping stone to becoming a governor.

    • Uncle Fink says

      I want to be able to be as well armed as Senator Feinstein’s body guards.
      If I do, however, I’ll be sent to some prison for the rest of the Century

      • Not true. You too can legally own automatic firearms. There is just a plethora of paperwork and it takes a lot of money. Look into NFA laws and how to go about buying a firearm that falls into that category.

  12. Gods among men

  13. Michael Markham says

    Yeah they like to push the laws on the us but it doesn’t affect to them! I always thought it was Equal justice under the law but I guess it we’re starting to get to live in a tyrannical world or at least California! We need to put up another proposition to have that appealed or equal under the law. I would love to know who wrote this up?

  14. Oh this is priceless. Politicians telling us do as I say not as I do. This should prove to the people of California that the people who work for and represent the people think that they are better than you.

  15. Typical of libturd politicians. Welcome to Kommiefornia. Komrade Brown as your Politboro leader

  16. Right here:
    The phrasing about elected officials having “good cause” was removed and that exemption is NOT in the passed, signed bill. I’m an NRA member, but inaccurate reporting does NOT help our cause.

  17. Kilgore Trout says

    The political situation in CA has existed for a very long time.. in 1981 I turned 21 left The Peoples Rebublik of Kaliforfinicaton and have never looked back.

  18. Arthur Appel says

    Apparently their safety is more important than ours. Unbelievable

  19. You idiots from Cali Deserve what you vote in….. Ha Ha Ha….. suck it…..

  20. I will not comply plan and simple, they can all kiss my patriotic ass,,,,,merica

  21. Uncle Fink says

    No kidding.
    There are the laws for Peons that inhabit most of the state, and then There Are Those, like Pelosi, Feinstein, et al, who can own whatever they want and to (bleep) with the little people.

  22. The bill, SB610 was passed and signed into law with no language saying anything of the sort. In addition, the NRA and the California rifle association supported this bill. The 8 votes in the nay? all democrat. However all 15 republicans (along with some dems) in the senate did vote for a version of the law with that language, the final version that left the senate did not have the language.

  23. Well that at least give our enemies knowledge on which coast to attack America on. Dummies.

  24. “More laws for thee, but not for me.”

  25. This is so wrong , our legislators are in trusted to pass laws, that will apply to all we the people of California? Not we the people vs state legislators. So if they want me to vote for any of those folios than include yourself along side of me . Not against me . I’m in law enforcement I pledge to protect and serve the people of California. To protect against criminals who are set on hurting the innocent. I can’t exclude myself from any law or say I’m better than the citizens of CA. And decide what if any laws I will enforce to protect and serve .

    • IcanRead ButYouCant says

      It’s sad to see this comment section, another reminder of how dumb most people are. Do you semi-retarded fools believe everything you read on the internet? I can’t imagine living that way. To be fair, you probably only believe this story because you want to believe it. However, it’s just wrong. There’s plenty the CA Legislature does to get worked up over, but this isn’t 1 of them, it didn’t happen.

  26. No, they didn’t. The language exempting lawmakers from the law was stripped from the bill two months before the senate passed it. Read more here:

  27. Wake up, California! Your legislators are playing you for fools. With each new day, they hack off a small piece of your freedom. We all are expected to abide by the Constitution of the State where we reside. Any part, small or large of the State Constitution which is not in accordance with The United States Constitution is invalid. Any attempt to pass and enforce such legislation is an action directly against the people of the United States. That makes them an enemy of the United States Constitution. That is dangerously close to treason. The California Legislators meet all year long, every year to discuss and sign into law new ways to put their thumb on their residents. The Legislature of the State of Texas, operating under the biennial system, convenes its regular sessions at noon on the second Tuesday in January of odd-numbered years. The maximum duration of a regular session is 140 days because no one needs to be treated like a dog on a leash that gets shorter every day.

  28. They must think they are gods!

  29. Michael Tobey says

    I don’t know what everybody is upset over. This is a common practice among the “elites”. If you’re only waking up to it now, how was your nap? We must vote them ALL out and push for anybody that will endorse the “28th Amendment”. This amendment has been proposed multiple times but somehow it gets buried every time. Simply put the “28th Amendment” would simply state that Congress can pass no law that does not effect them. They can pass no law to exempt themselves OR reward themselves. In essence they are forced to live by the laws the enact. The most severe of these offering has been one that was retroactive, meaning Congress would have to live with the “Affordable Care Act”. Instead of their Cadillac plan that WE pay for.

  30. If your elected officials feel that they should have rights to obtain and own a firearm than the citizens should too! There is no man nor woman that is above any other in this country or any other laws,. If the citizens of California allowed this to get by than they were asleep at the wheel, not paying attn or maybe not caring what happens as far they only worry when they are affected personnally!

  31. So the 2nd Amendment is disappearing. The real reason I could not stay in California

  32. What does it take to be a democrat voter? Are they brain dead? Are they zombies? I am convinced that the average Democrat voter has been “sensitized” to subliminal brain control.

  33. Don jordan says

    Is this no equal representation, the law should not create a special group of individuals

  34. LOL, that’s California for you. When you vote stupid people in, you get stupid laws. GG.

  35. This isn’t accurate and will only get people riled over nothing.

    What the opinion piece refers to was Senate Bill 610 which was meant to provide statewide consistency in the manner of how CCW permits are processed by all issuing agencies. The bill was originally sponsored by State Senators Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) and Rod Wright (D-Inglewood), two gun-friendly legislators. (California Rifle & Pistol Association Legislators of the Year for 2011). It requires agencies to determine if an applicant has initial “Good Cause” to be issued a CCW permit BEFORE the applicant is required to fulfill the requirements in training, classes, background checks, and paying the sometimes extensive fees required to obtain a permit. It also specifies that issuing agencies CANNOT require CCW applicants to obtain “Liability Insurance” as a condition for being issued a CCW permit.

    There would indeed have been future political/litigation benefits if legislators had gotten the CCW exemption – but that part was stricken from the bill before it went to the Governor, who signed it into law in October of 2011.

  36. Wrong! If there was a way to punish those that vote (Like not elected ever again) against guns I would do it.

  37. White privilege doesn’t hold a candle to wealth privilege or political privilege.

  38. One of the many reasons I left Commiefornia; laws for thee, not for me! They’ve become a state for sheep!

  39. This is how Adolf Hitler began!!!!

  40. Time to vote 35,000,000 to 8 to replace there asses

  41. Sandra Mitsler says

    That’s got to be illegal!!! How dare they. Hypocrisy at its finest…

  42. Guns bad .

    Citizens bad.

  43. This one of the reason i move out of California State . Dirty and Corrupt since 1979 been there .

  44. Liberals. **Eyeroll**

  45. I was born in LA County, lived there for the first 3 months of my life. Been in Mississippi ever since. Glad to be here, Cary my 1911 everywhere I go, hunt and fish year round. Move away and enjoy life and freedom while you can.

  46. everyone should be very scared

  47. What part of, …These rights shall not be infringed… Oh, the ones that apply only to the ‘officials’? No true law exists that does not bind all equally, All free people, whom are citizens of this country and considered adults must be allowed to possess firearms of superior to our country’s enemies, withstanding federal law. If you chose to serve the people, you will do so in accordance with the law and at their will.

  48. Michael Parkin says

    This isn’t right,

  49. They are much more intelligent, trustworthy and enlightened than us, the People.

  50. Patrick kirby says

    It is the liberal crybabies. I’m a law abiding citizen, pay my taxes on time and obey the law. I don’t except how California can change the law for the liberals and not the citizen. Fuck the Democrats in California. They are not my voice

    • Laws like this, yet 68% of California voted for Hillary. Personally….California residents have only themselves to blame.

  51. I would say move to Tennessee but we really don’t want you bringing your stupid liberal crap here. My biggest concern about carrying guns is it sometimes digs into my crotch. Very uncomfortable.

  52. Jessie miller says

    Anyone who works in our government should fall under stricter gun control laws than the rest of us. Sorry, but these people have almost no common sense and could make a good for the whole without lobbyist throwing money at them. I serve in the Army for 19 years as an EOD tech and part of our job is working with the Secret Service as their bomb squad support because they don’t have a bomb squad. During my years going on missions with them I have meet many different people in our government at all levels and their staff’s. Almost all of them have told me that it is their staff who writes the legislation that is put up for a vote and only the elected politicians who some time comes up with idea or is told about it.its a shame but our government is corrupt from the small town city councils to out Senate and Congress even the president. So remember that mist of them only care for themselves, their power and the flow of dirty money in to the bank accounts. So when they do this they do it because it for their own good and could careless about the people they govern.

  53. California is one of the worst state when it comes to trampling Americans 2nd amendment rights. Hell they don’t even want you to have a gun with a magazine or not than three bullets. They even try to go as far as to put serials numbers on bullets.

  54. This is what happenes when only 43% of people vote and the 2/3 majority goes away.

  55. Thank God I live inTexas !!! Was born and raised in California, it was great place to grow up ! But some laws in that state are BULLSHIT, and this is one of them ! I guess the Bad guys , the Law , and the politians are the only ones to protect them selfs ? Like i said, thank God I live in Texas. !!!

  56. Gun controllers have no intention of eliminating guns. They merely intend to eliminate your guns.

  57. The Rule of Law: rule by those who write the law, interpret the law, and enforce the law.

  58. Lets start a petition to make them follow the same rules. This one is bull shit. Set before social media was what it is now. We should counter this some how….

  59. jonathan carter says

    California seems to be just like what the constitution was created to protect the citizens from…a tyrannical state.

  60. Godamm, that’s funny! Our parasites….er…politicians here in Texas know they are already teetering on the edge of an uprising. They know for sure their blood would be shed if they tried that here.
    Perhaps that’s why they let you boys have legal recreational weed. To keep you mellowed out. Don’t get me wrong, I think it should all be legal. A public tar and feathering of Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, etc. is in order. Take em all down to the La Brea Tar Pits and charge admission. Have a raffle to see who gets to lower them in to the tar and who gets drop them in the feathers. Probably make enough to get your states out of debt.

  61. Because California has the worst laws ever!! You are not free living on the Communist Coast!!!

  62. That’s because California has the worst laws of any state! You cannot be free living in the Communist Coast. I was born and raised in California and I’m ashamed to say I’m from California

  63. What the hell are the citizens of CA thinking.  The need to lay off the damn weed and start standing up for their rights that the corrupt politicians are sucking away from them but keep making themselves exempt from the very laws they are forcing on everyone else.  WAKE THE HELL UP FOOLS.

  64. Sarrea Alvarez says

    Its time to stalk up bunker down its us against the goverment.

  65. Kerry Drennan says

    this is one of many reasons why we left CA. Live in Southern , NV now and loving it. With cheaper housing, cheaper tax, property tax much cheaper, even gas cheaper. Open carry down here, and even has CCW permit too. I’ll miss CA but not Jerry Brown and his cronies.

  66. It means the elected have put themselves above the laws We the People have to live by….Where are the Protestors on this issue..Guess it’s not on Soros”s agenda

  67. Shut up you stupid idiots. How often you ever been shot be a senator! Morons, all of you!

  68. Bill number?

  69. We damage our own cause when we pass around unattributed stuff like this, the article (and the follow up in the washington post and on joetheplumber and everywhere else I’m seeing it today) needs a bill number. SB610 in 2011 had an exemption, but it was removed before passage. What BILL does this refer to?

  70. Richard Robinson says

    Pure Baloney we deserve better representations than this. How self serving can you be ?

  71. They cant tell anyone that they cant have a gun the constitution overrides all state laws just take it to the us supreme Court to have it thrown out

  72. damn corrupt hippie liberal SJW PC cuckolds send em all to the middle east and let them see why we need our 2nd amendment rights since freedom disappears with out it.

  73. ScienceABC123 says

    California hasn’t been a democracy or a republic for decades. California is an oligarchy.

  74. Every gun and ammo distributors and manufacturer should refuse sell to or ship to ALL of California, including law enforcement. Put the squeeze on that commie state and force changes

  75. Do as I say, not as I do.

    CA Senate

  76. the political elite are different ,Democrats are moronic sheep

  77. All pigs are equal but some pigs are more equal than others.
    George Orwell – Animal Farm

  78. You think it is bad now under Gov. Brown just wait until the idiots voters of Calif. elect Newsom as Gov. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

  79. Carl Hendrix says

    This is unlawful. No one should control its people. By adding law that truly don’t exist. this is tearney to the 2nd amendment ..

  80. Please secede California. That way we can all be rid of our embarrassing ‘step Uncle’ state. And you, can see what it’s like to be on your own and out of your parents basement without federal tax help.

  81. Maybe with a few new Supreme Court Justices the few people from CA who have moved away can “fight back” against the east coasters who have ruined the state (like: Pelosi from Maryland, Boxer from NY, Schiff from Massachusetts, Steyer from NY and the millions of others and their east coast anchor babies).

  82. Jim Stovall, Retired State Worker says

    Isn’t this what Hitler did to the German people. Hitler disarmed the Jews and Germany’s citizens before he declared to commit genocide on the Jewish population. Now Jerry Brown Hitler is doing the exact same thing here in California. Hitler needs to be stopped.

  83. Scoob Dallas says

    So retiring policemen are made felons but these hypocrite politicians aren’t?

  84. PursueJustice says

    Why are people so stupid as to except this kind of thing in their so-called leaders. This is the liberal mindset. Liberals always have two sets of rules, one for them and one for the peons. But we can’t win in California because the majority of people are too stupid to see the problem.

  85. Time to fire California government and legislative branches…they are all corrup.

  86. Nice comments. However, it was CA citizens and not members of the Legislature who recently put heavy restrictions on the ability to purchase ammo.

  87. These comments are GOLD!! LOL This is not the entire article folks. Reference Senate Bill 610

    • phil sampley says

      SENATE BILL No. 610
      Introduced by Senator Jackson
      February 22, 2013
      An act to amend Sections 20010, 20020, 20025, and 20035 of, and
      to add Article 2.5 (commencing with Section 20016) to Chapter 5.5 of
      Division 8 of, the Business and Professions Code, relating to franchises.

  88. Can’t fix them stupid ass demorats that put them idiots in office. That why California is on the shit list of most states.

  89. Mark Gilbert says

    Arrest them

  90. Yes this means all you little minions lives are not worth protecting according to the people that work for you.But their families lives are.Keep voting Democrat and watch taxes go up and your rights diminished.

  91. California democrat voters; suckers, chumps, useful idiots!
    Your democrat ‘leaders’ are making fools of you!

    • Pretty much sums it up – – this is the only state where the Lord Jesus Christ (R) could run for office against Adolph Hitler (D) and lose

  92. well the citizens voted them in so you get what you pay for sort of speak . goes to show you that the way to control the population is to disarm them

  93. Time to put that 2nd Amendment to work by ousting those senators by force.

  94. The police unions worked with Jerry Brown to make sure retired police could have 30 round magazines and CCW on campuses. Is there a legal difference between a retired officer/prison guard/etc and a regular citizen? One person, when I mentioned this fact, stated: “What about retired military?”. I told them they don’t have a union.

  95. Richard Mulcahy says

    It may be time to storm the Bastille. Fuck these one way elitist self inflated swine.

  96. Larry Francis says


  97. Larry Francis says

    no,no,no what is good for the goose is good for the gander….

  98. No matter if the law passes or not for the California citizens to be able to utilize ther 2nd Amendment rights, guns will STILL be carried, concealed etc! Mainly used,carried & concealed by scumbags that shouldn’t have them in the first place! They’ll STILL find a way to get them, so it makes TOTAL sense for the GOOD citizens to be allowed to carry! Criminals can carry, why not the good citizens so that they can protect themselves & family! ?????? GOOD LORD PEOPLE. 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! !!

  99. Fuck these guys
    I am going to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights and not give in to these hypocrites.

  100. That is absolute B.S. Wow talk about …. “Do as I say, not as I do!!???” What a bunch of hypocrites…… our State Senate should lead by example when implementing the laws and passing them on to the public. So if your more than likely law abiding criminal were to borrow their CA compliant and registered A.W………without the Senators knowledge and commit an unspeakable act, by definition a CRIME…… that Senator will not be held to the same standard as the the rest of us Law abiding California citizens…… and that Honest Criminal will only receive a Misdemeanor because of the Senate’s vote to reduce sentencing for such crimes as Larceny and Violent offenses. Great call Governor and Senate members…… way to use common sense with your noted Higher Education and Superiority complexes.

  101. I live in California I am not surprised. Our voters recently passed a law (prp 57) that says rape is a violent crime anymore so long as the rapist takes the precaution to render his victim unconcience prior to inserting his penis. Thats what our Hillary loving voters voted for. If we dont stop them we deserve what we get.

  102. Jeff phillips says

    Democrats, that’s how they are. Take take take.
    Drug loving, hooker f__king, EBT using racists.

  103. Jerry Jankowski says

    The people of California let those liberals run their lives. If we didn’t have an elecTorah college in this country California alone with it’s population would determine the next President in every election. But they can’t even vote those stupid ass liberals in their state of of office. Maybe they should check how much Florida their putting in their water. That stuff turns you into zombies . What ever your officials say is good for you you just say yes and thank you. The 2nd amendment says you have a right to carry a gun. Went do you vote to protect your 2nd amendment rights. He’ll I went through Make Corps training there in 1968 and we were training with fully automatic m16’s. They train people to kill the with guns and tell you you can’t own one. With all the gang violence in your state every honest American there should own a gun and your crime would drop by 75%. Start controlling your Government instead of them controlling you. Fermenter they work for you.

  104. “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”

  105. Jason Gortman says

    How are California citizens letting this happen? This is an abuse of power. First of all, the constitution supersedes these guns control laws, then for you to sit on your hands when they exempt themselves from these unconstitutional actions, wake up people, and take your rights back!

  106. fil alcaide says

    This article is not true. I have friends who own 4-7 guns, in California! Licensed.

  107. Hey idiots, Hitler did the same.

  108. James B Farr says

    When will the stupid liberal voters in Kaliforniate realize they are being ruled by socialist arm of the democrapers! All that time and money spent on a college education(indoctrination), and no ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least the politicians can defend themselves, silly liberals!

  109. well then the law does not stand no one has to comply

  110. So what do we do there is enough people here in just this comment section that could probably swing vote or protest or something to get something changed what do we do how do we do it if you know the answer speak up everybody get out of your little orbit band together and we can make these things change

  111. Noooooo!!!!! That is Bullshit!!! The government is for the people.. Not the government control the people or to over power the people… They have no right to f*** us over! It’s time to fired them.. They have no right. They took a oath to protect the constitution and they are braking the laws.. time to get together and fired them….

  112. because they know the truth and we are just a bunch of open graves waiting to be filled

  113. Because Californians are suckers obviously.

  114. The sad thing is that people will complain all about it but wont do s**t.

  115. The people of California deserve this. The politicians are just an extension of them.

  116. Although this is WRONG. What is the bill number?

  117. This is the way legislation goes in a liberal state with liberals in power passing bills unchecked. It’s not a coincidence the majority of political corruption cases fall on them. Sure, they want exempted due to their feelings of superiority. But why? Isn’t it rather ironic those in power want to have their guns handy in a firearm oppressed state? Seems a lot like how communists get started to be frank. Perhaps they’ll feel safe with their guns while the defenseless are steadily oppressed and eventually rounded up?

  118. Old story that’s been rehashed over and over.

    This is Bill SB 610 from 2011 that has to do with only CCW. The section below was REMOVED before it was passed and signed into law.

    “(b) The good cause requirement shall be deemed met for either the following: (1) Any applicant who is a member of Congress, a statewide elected official, or a Member of the Legislature, for protection or self-defense. (2) The licensing authority fails to make a determination of good cause within 30-days of the application.”

    Come to think of it, (2) would have been pretty good, as that would have applied to anybody. No wonder they didn’t pass it.

  119. Richard Light says

    This is absolutely sickening, protest and petition or vote those hypocrites out

  120. can you say TYRANY

  121. diane kirkpatrick says

    Who should we contact to oppose this hyposcrisy?

  122. How can I see how my CA state representative and assymblymen voted on the different gun control bills? Thanks

  123. It is Unconstitutional for them to write laws that the people have to abide by but they do not! So for them to write laws this way means the laws are no laws at all and are null and void!

  124. The law should apply to everyone. Politicians exempt from anything is big time WRONG.

  125. Scott Myers says

    I wouldn’t this be against the 28th Amendment

  126. Bob in california says

    What happened to the 28th amendment or does anyone care????

  127. The California state senate and Charlie Rangel ALL need to be removed from their jobs. The power has gone to there heads and they think they are god. they are no better than the people of California who voted them to do there job and every law they make and pass they should oblige it also we the people are not there slaves and they are not the peoples master but that’s what they are trying to do make the people there slaves and work for them. QUESTION ::: DID you vote Them in to tell you what you can and can’t do?? AND is it right that the people of California have to pay for gas and red light violations BUT THEY don’t?? open your eyes California you are there puppets and they are your master VOTE them out and get people in there that will work for the people and not make the people work for them.. THINK ABOUT IT!!!! god bless and have a good day..

  128. Any Legislation…

  129. Viki Bailey says

    Spell check!!!

  130. Scoob Dallas says

    Hmmm, Beaches, Surfing, Fishing, Catalina, Channel Islands, Deep Sea Fishing, Colorado River, Shasta Lake, Wake-boardingspists teams, Deserts, Sand Dunes, Off-Roading, Sierras, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Lassen Nat. Park, Sequoia, Sequoia Trees, Mammoth, Skiing, Rock Climbing, Streams, rivers, Trout fishing, Bass Fishing, very competitive but you’re right about HORRIBLE HYPOCRITE Socialist Liberal politicians


  1. […] Source: CA Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws – California Political Review […]

  2. […] CA Senate Votes 28-8 to Exempt Itself from California Gun Laws – California Political Review […]

  3. […] me to live in a state where the elected officials pass gun laws for the citizens and subsequently exempt themselves from those very same laws. I think I'm better off here in NC. […]

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