California Adds Extra Review to Prevent Voter Registration Errors at DMV

vote-buttonsWith the midterm elections quickly approaching, California officials are taking extra steps to prevent people from being improperly registered to vote.

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The Department of Motor Vehicles, which has been automatically registering customers since the spring, will now complete a manual review of a sample of those registrations each day before sharing them with the Secretary of State’s Office to be added to the voter rolls.

California’s Motor Voter program came under fire in recent months after thousands of registration errors occurred when customers came to DMV field offices. Non-citizens are among those believed to have been wrongfully added to the voter rolls, and it remains unclear whether any of them voted in the June primary. …

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  1. Soooooooo I guess that means that the fact that they already gave millions of illegals the ability to criminally vote is forgotten now , right ? How about criminal charges against those who took part in this assault on our country’s ” most sacred right ” to vote ?
    Lip Service Dog and Pony Show.

  2. I guess it’s worth the money. And the excuses from those who voted ILLEGALLY? a) i didn’t do it, you didn’t see me, you can’t prove a thing, b) que? why not bounties? 5cts a snail.

  3. Voter Registration by the DMV, IS AN ERROR!
    No extra oversight needed.
    Close them down!

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