California poised to have the highest gas tax in the country

On July 1, the excise tax on gasoline in California will go up 5.6 cents a gallon, enough to push the state’s total taxes and fees past Pennsylvania to become the highest in the nation.

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The 5.6-cent increase represents the second iteration of Senate Bill 1, commonly called the gas tax, that was passed by the Legislature in Sacramento in the spring of 2017 and signed into law by then-Gov. Jerry Brown.

Under the terms of SB1, the tax increase comes in stages.

Drivers first experienced a 12-cent per gallon rise at the pump in November 2017. An additional 5.6 cents per gallon will be tacked on at the beginning of next month, which will boost the state’s total excise tax to 41.7 cents a gallon. …

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  1. TheRandyGuy says

    The voters had the chance to eliminate this and, instead, chose to reaffirm it. Pay up and no complaining.

  2. us citizen says

    CA if full of IDIOT voters

  3. ExCaliExpat says

    Maybe THIS will wake people up and irritate em enough that they want to RECALL these morons…

  4. Don’t forget that in California the Dems have fixed the vote already – through the fraudulent DMV motor voter, etc., and ballot harvesting, and now becoming a Sanctuary STATE, without the will of the people.
    We are being taken down like fools. Without visiting the California voter system and cleaning the rolls, we are doomed in the future…baring an outright rebellion of the masses. Don’t think that is possible either in this doped up, dumbed down and illegal environment.(!)
    I am waiting for the Feds to step in…hopefully soon for some excuse…any excuse.

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