California, residents wonder: Are we getting close to the Big One?

Right after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Southern California on July 4, filmmaker Ava DuVernay, a lifelong Angeleno, tweeted that it was the longest quake she’d ever felt.

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“It was so long,” she wrote, “I thought for the first time ever is this the Big One?” But it wasn’t even the biggest tremor Californians would see that week, with a more powerful 7.1 quake coming just a day later.

Ultimately, neither was the fabled Big One, a catastrophic earthquake that could occur along the San Andreas Fault and that geologists have warned is likely “overdue.”

This week was just a reminder. Jason Corona, whose family owns a restaurant in Ridgecrest, near the epicenters of the earthquakes, described feeling uneasy as the aftershocks kept him awake late Friday night. …

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  1. Really??? says

    Are your streets and bridges up to the task? Or are your politicians spending on bike paths, road diets, and and and.

    • Yes, Really! says

      Attacking the citizens in their time of need is counterproductive and masochistic.

      We’re all Americans regardless of which state we live in. When we need help, we help each other. If you want to point a finger, try mother nature. She’s the one who did it.

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