California should be able to reduce public employees’ pension benefits, Jerry Brown argues

Gov. Jerry Brown got most of what he wanted when he carried a proposal to shore up the state’s underfunded public employee pension plans by trimming benefits for new workers.

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Five years later, he’s in court making an expansive case that government agencies should be able to adjust pension benefits for current workers, too.

A new brief his office filed in a union-backed challenge to Brown’s 2012 pension reform law argues that faith in government hinges in part on responsible management of retirement plans for public workers.

“At stake was the public’s trust in the government’s prudent use of limited taxpayer funds,” the brief reads, referring to the period when he advocated for pension changes during the recession. …

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  1. Oops, Moonbeam’s starting to sound like one of those RW economists at the WSJ.
    Interesting how an impending “hanging” (the total collapse of the public employee pension system in CA) focuses the mind.
    Samuel Johnson, call your office.

  2. Hindsight is 20/20, He should have thought this when he was at the bargaining table those many years ago. Live with the agreement.
    How about ending the “bullet train” and use that money to reduce the debt. Thank you.

  3. How about early retirement, Jerry.

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