California’s DMV finds 1,500 more people wrongly registered to vote

VotedMore than a thousand people may have incorrectly been registered to vote in California, according to an internal audit of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles that was reportedly released Monday.

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“Approximately 1,500 customers may have been registered to vote in error,” the DMV stated in a letter to the Secretary of State’s office, according to The Sacramento Bee. “This error has been corrected and is separate from the processing error we notified you about in writing on September 5.”

None of those affected by the improper voter registration were illegal immigrants, the agency reportedly said.

The DMV’s director told the news outlet that agency officials “have worked quickly with the Department of Technology to correct these errors and have also updated the programming and added additional safeguards to improve this process.”

Secretary of State Alex Padilla in response said …

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  1. Want to be that is just what they are willing to admit to?

  2. The Captive says

    Imagine we are getting this smidgen of illegal voter information . How many are still out there in this vast CA state of corrupt Democrats and illegal Dems. that we have NO IDEA ABOUT?? Well things must be looking up because all of this garbage remained hidden until after previous elections were over and still there was no report on it.

  3. i WORK at the DMV and do not be fooled. Illegal Mexicans and felons have been registered to vote this Nov. The higher ups think you are ALL FOOLS. Vote Republican before it is to late…

  4. I think they rounded to the nearest hundred thousand…
    Audit and disband the California DMV as it’s been weaponized as a tool of the Democratic Party, and does not now fairly serve all the citizens of California.
    There’s political collusion in play here…

  5. The “D” in both “Democrat” and “DMV” stands for DISGUSTING! The Sacramento nazis can’t destroy my state fast enough! HELP!
    We need an intervention for our derelict, drugged out, mentally ill politicians in California and FAST!

  6. Frank Davidson says

    At this late date, did these illegal voters get a ballot mailed to them before the ERROR was caught??

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