Delta Tunnels Water Plan Builds in Wrong Spot

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

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A half century after building the largest water-delivery system in America, California officials say they now realize they put their giant straws to capture Delta water in the wrong place.

Last week, state and federal water project operators opened the case to win permission for a fix — construction of three diversion points near Sacramento tied to twin underground tunnels to shunt Delta water for 25 million people throughout the state.

Not surprisingly, the hearing before the state water board rekindled old wounds and produced two sharply different portrayals of what the proposed $17 billion California WaterFix would do for the state’s deeply troubled plumbing system.

Critics in Northern California call the plan a water grab destined to harm the Delta environment, fish and farmers. The 700-square-mile mile region of rivers and sloughs will end up with dirtier, saltier water with more toxic algae, while very little will be done to improve overall water supplies, they say. …

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  1. Bob Gibson says

    Why don’t they just hire some real engineers to make the assessment, not a bunch of environmentalists and politicians??? When those pumps were running and supplying Southern California with domestic water and at the same time supplying much of the San Joaquin Valley with irrigation water, the delta smelt were flourishing! Now even with huge losses of water to the ocean, they are almost extinct! Maybe it is the water quality, cities putting treated waste water in the rivers that increases the ammonia content in the water, while paying the fines that are less than treatment facilities are more likely the cause!!! Water pumping levels like in the 70’s and 80’s would keep the water quality better in the delta, especially in a year like we just experienced!!! More water has been wasted this year than would be necessary for most of the agricultural needs in the San Joaquin Valley, and we could be letting reservoirs be used for storage and percolation into the aquifers that have been over used these last few years!!! We need smart managers of our resources, not those who think a bullet train is more important!!!!

  2. “Pat” Brown built for the Future California.
    “Moonbeam” Brown destroys that future his father built for.
    We are in the best of hands!

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