Democrat State Sen. Tony Mendoza resigns before facing expulsion vote

State Sen. Tony Mendoza resigned late last week as colleagues prepared to vote on whether to expel the Los Angeles County Democrat from office, days after an outside investigation found the Los Angeles County Democrat had engaged in a pattern of unwanted “sexually suggestive” behavior toward six women, including his subordinates, while serving in the Assembly and Senate.

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In a letter to Senate members, Mendoza said he was resigning immediately, saying: “I refuse to participate any further in the farcical ‘investigation’ against me that ignores the Senate’s own rules, invents processes, criteria and standards as needed, ignores due process and constitutional rights to self-defense all for the purpose of playing to election-year politicking.”

In the letter, Mendoza accused Senate leader Kevin de León of seeking his ouster to show his “‘sincerity’ in supporting the MeToo cause.” De León, Mendoza’s former roommate, is running for U.S. Senate against Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

A resolution introduced late Wednesday night by de León called for Mendoza’s expulsion. If approved, it would have been be the first time a state legislator has been removed from office since 1905. Mendoza would have been given the right to speak on the Senate floor before a vote. …

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  1. They’re still going to prosecute him once he’s out of office, right???

  2. Mendoza the arrogant illegal alien lover, and all around SOB is or was my rep! He has been my rep one way or other since around 2000! When he left the Artesia city council most did restrained backflips, to get rid of that ass! I hope he gets EXACTLY what he deserves and NOT what he wants!

  3. Will Garcia be the next shoe to drop?
    How many fellow legislators will be forced back into the “John” pool by her absence?

  4. And to think that all the poor guy was doin’ was trying to show those girls his curling moves.

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