Democrats seek $4 billion bond for water, flood control, parks

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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As torrential rains and dangerous flood waters pummel large swaths of Texas and parts of Louisiana, California lawmakers are eying legislation to prevent similar damage from from the state’s own disasters.

Senate Bill 5 from state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León would ask voters this upcoming June to approve a $4 billion bond to fund water, flood and parks projects across California.

To make it to the governor’s desk, it would need to clear the Assembly, where another water and open space bond from from Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia, D-Coachella, is under debate.

De León has characterized the bond as critical following the state’s historic five-year drought, and the 2017 winter storms that marked the wettest water year for California in more than a century.

If passed, bond proceeds would fund flood and water infrastructure projects, and expand and improve local parks and open space. It would allocate $550 million for water projects, $750 million for flood control projects such as levee repair and $2.6 billion for local and regional parks – including $800 million to build new parks in lower income communities. It would also fund deferred maintenance and other projects at California’s state parks system, including construction of new trails, plant and wildlife habitat restoration and coastal climate change adaptation projects. …

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  1. A bond to deal with this was passed earlier. Brown used the money to save “fish” not repair infrastructure. this is just another venue for the Democrats to get more money to spend on “whatever”.

  2. How much could be saved if the People just disbanded the Legislature?

  3. Gosh! And only a year ago they were trying to gouge us for the drought.

  4. I recall voting for a water bond several years ago. Then the Oroville dam failed last winter because needed repairs were never done. Was the money diverted to Jerry’s choo-choo train? And now they want more money! Why can’t we have an accounting where the last bond went?

  5. 1.3 billion for water related projects and 2.6 billion for parks. So this bill is really about land and less about the water. If the state prioritized financial accountability, we would not be in a perpetual ‘engineered drought’. How many water bonds have been voted for in the last 40 years and where has that money actually ended up ? The msm doesn’t care about accountability as long as it’s their favorite moonbeam that’s wasting all those billions of taxpayers money

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