Donald Trump forces a California water deal without lifting a finger

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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California’s politicians and pundits – including this one – have been busily speculating on what effect a Donald Trump presidency could have on a state that rejected him overwhelmingly.

Well, we saw the first major impact last week, without Trump even lifting a finger.

A compromise bill that, in effect, reallocates federally controlled water in California – much to the delight of farmers and the dismay of environmentalists – won final congressional approval Friday.

Hammered out by Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Bakersfield’s Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader of the House, it broke a half-decade-long political logjam over the issue, and there is little doubt that uncertainty over Trump’s attitude was its driving force. …

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  1. THE CAPTIVE says

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  2. DR Richard Muccillo says

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  3. Judging from Boxer’s comments it’s now time for Babbling Babs to retire to her baby carriage and go nite nite.

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