Embattled California DMV gets its third director in just 32 days

dmvThe agency struggling to register licenses is also struggling to find a leader.

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The California Department of Motor Vehicles has gone through two directors in just over a month. The latest leadership shake-up came on Jan. 30, when acting director Kathleen Webb replaced acting director Bill Davidson, who had replaced permanent director Jean Shiomoto on Dec. 31, 2018.

Webb comes to the DMV by way of the California Government Operations Agency. Before that, she worked as the chief risk and compliance officer for CalPERS.

She takes the helm at a difficult time for the department. Though the DMV has been successful in substantially reducing wait times, it was recently hit with 150,000 delayed driver licenses. The department has also struggled to implement the state’s new Motor Voter program, which automatically registers people to vote at DMV offices. …

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  1. “Before that, she worked as the chief risk and compliance officer for CalPERS.”

    Uh oh…looks like the proverbial FOX is guarding the proverbial HEN HOUSE…

  2. Want to reduce wait and processing time? Easy, just place a couple of ICE folks at each DMV facility

  3. Give up and just hire Jose Pancho de Leon and open the floodgates!

  4. A failed agency that is fast becoming the face of a failed state with a narcissistic Governor.

  5. The Ca. DMV is just one of hundreds of waste programs under the control (?) of the Cali Socialist movement.

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