Fear and yelling in L.A. congressman’s office led to silence on harassment

Los Angeles-area Congressman Brad Sherman says none of his staff ever complained about longtime aide and California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh, who’s been accused of sexual harassment while working in the congressman’s district office.

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Eight former aides said the environment in Sherman’s D.C. and California offices was so toxic, it was laughable to think junior staff would have felt comfortable raising concerns about harassment – or anything else.

“Congressman Sherman showed zero interest in the personal well-being of his staffers and there’s no reason to believe he would have cared or taken any action if a complaint was made,” said one former staffer.

Dababneh, who is resigning from the Assembly in the wake of several allegations against him, including sexual assault, was known to be one of Sherman’s closest and most trusted employees. While no one suggested the 11-term congressman was aware of Dababneh’s alleged conduct, three former staffers doubted he would have responded well to criticism of his onetime district director. …

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  1. Responsibility starts at the top. Brad Sherman should be held accountable provided accusations made can be proven. Sounds like his right hand is egotistically sick and should be fired and lose all perks.

  2. Brad Sherman was and always will be a very typical democrat librocrat from the valley. He cares not for his constituents and ONLY lives for and thinks about himself. I have been following his career for years and am continually dumbfounded that the brain dead voters KEEP electing him time after time after time! Hey SF valley voters, isn’t it time to dump this piece of democreep garbage and start to drain then SF valley swamps?

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