Feds say California didn’t comply with ‘two document’ Real ID requirement

The California Department of Motor Vehicles issued 2.3 million new IDs this year using a process that doesn’t meet the federal government’s standards, the DMV was told last month.

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The development means Californians who got those Real IDs will need to provide a second form of documentation to prove their residency when their ID comes up for renewal. DMV spokesman Armando Botello said the federal government told the DMV during phone conversations about the issue that it would still accept IDs that didn’t meet the requirement in the meantime.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security sent DMV director Jean Shiomoto a letter on Nov. 21 saying California’s process for verifying ID applicants’ residency didn’t meet federal requirements.

Federal standards require ID applicants to “present at least two documents of the State’s choice that include the individual’s name and principal residence,” according to the letter. It instructed the DMV to send federal officials a plan to correct the issue. …

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  1. Since immigration is the purview of the Federal Government it stands that
    the issuing of Identification should be handled by Homeland Security. The
    States should have no part in the determination of citizenship or visa
    applications. I further believe that color coding of I.D. would be helpful.
    Blue for citizens, red for non citizen.
    The so-called-plan from DMV is laughable and prone to fraud. State
    departments in California, as has been shown, are not worthy of the
    tax payers trust.

  2. I’m with Bogiewheel but good luck in the corrupt and politically insane state.

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