Former San Diego City Councilman, Radio Host Carl DeMaio Announces Run For Assembly

DeMaio joins now three candidate race to replace outgoing Assemblywoman Marie Waldon

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Former San Diego City Councilman and current radio host Carl DeMaio announced that he will be running for the 75th District Assembly seat on Wednesday, facing off against two other Republicans in the hope of replacing term-limited Assemblywoman Marie Waldron (R-Valley Center).

A graduate of Georgetown University, DeMaio founded a for-profit planning and management training think tank, and a financial and management training company. During this time, in 2002, DeMaio also moved to San Diego and joined the Reason Foundation. After selling both of his companies in 2007, DeMaio turned towards politics. The following year he ran for the San Diego City Council and won, becoming the first openly gay City Council member in San Diego history.

For the next four years, DeMaio became known as a major fiscal challenger on the Council, as well as major proponent of government transparency. While he passed many laws on the latter subject, he soon became an enemy of many in labor due to him trying to get around unions when outsourcing city contracts. This included his long-time rival Lorena Gonzalez, a future Assemblywoman and current California Labor Federation leader.

Unable to win reelection in 2012, DeMaio spent the next decade staying within the political arena while not holding any office. In addition to becoming a radio host in 2015, DeMaio tried and failed to win in several elections. In 2012 he ran for Mayor, but lost to then-Congressman Bob Filner 52.5% to 47.5%. Two years later, DeMaio ran for Congress and, only weeks before the election, was up over Congressman Scott Peters (D-CA) in polls. However, in late October, DeMaio faced numerous sexual harassment allegations, hurting his campaign. While ultimately cleared, DeMaio wound up ultimately losing narrowly to Peters 51.5% to 48.5%. Another run for Congress in 2020 resulted in a primary loss, although his support for Republican Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) did help him win election in November.

DeMaio’s latest run for office

While DeMaio did see some successes, such as his effort to recall Democratic State Senator Josh Newman succeeding in 2018, DeMaio hasn’t returned to elected office since the end of his City Council office in 2012. However, with Assemblywoman Waldron being term-limited out of the 75th Assembly District, which covers an area from Southern Riverside County to the Mexican border, a rare open seat came up in his district.

Two candidates have already entered the race: Republican party preferred candidate Andrew Hayes, who is currently the President of the Lakeside Union School Board and a staff member for Senator Brian Jones (R-Santee), and GOP businessman Jack Fernandes. DeMaio decided to join the race on Wednesday, expanding the primary in the district to three candidates.

“I’m frustrated and I think that if we don’t change things now it will get a lot worse, millions of more Californians will flee the state and it will be too late,” said DeMaio on Wednesday. “We’ve got to have fundamental change and it starts with confronting the Republican Party, what’s left of it, and forcing them to change. I think the voters in this district know that I’m a fighter, and that while other Republicans will put their tail between their legs and cower or give up, I’m not going to go anywhere. I’m going to continue to fight till we take back the state.”

“I’ve had to deal with Lorena for 20 years, so I think I know better than anyone her tricks and her demeanor and it doesn’t faze me. I think labor has corrupted the process. Labor has been able to demand special interest favors that hurt Californians as a whole. The business community feels like they’re just kind of held hostage up there. And no one really puts up a fight. That’s the role of a minority party is to try to provide that balance.”

“My calculation is I have to show benefit to them. I have to help them. If the old guard wants to try to defend the death spiral that they’re in, I don’t think that’s going to be very palatable to voters and it certainly is not going to get us anywhere as a movement. I don’t worry too much about the naysayers.”

In addition, DeMaio noted that he would broadcast from YouTube frequently while in office and continue his work with Reform California.

Political experts noted on Wednesday that DeMaio stands a good chance at winning the election, although his past runs, as well as his lack of elected experience in the past decade, could possibly hurt him next year.

“DeMaio comes in as a name candidate and one who really wants to upend things for Republicans, which many GOP members in the state have been begging candidates to do for years,” said San Diego area pollster Jennifer Lopez to the Globe. “Pending on future candidates going into the race, especially a Democratic challenger, DeMaio will mainly have to worry about Hayes, who s liked by the party and currently holds public office on that school board. That may hurt DeMaio, but Hayes does not have the same kind of access to the media that DeMaio has either.”

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  1. As a former California resident I would vote for DeMaio because I believe that he is more honest than any other politician out there in my opinion and he’s also more open about a lot of things that are going on as well, and he has better ideas about how to get things done and taking care of as well like I said, if I still lived in California, he would have my vote hands down. No questions asked. It’s because of all the Democrats in their policies that’s the reason why I left California they’re high taxes gas prices groceries just run me out when you live on retirement and Social Security you cannot afford to live in that state not to mention you have to pay for the state that gives everything to illegal aliensfor free and we have to pay for it as a taxpayer. They break the laws and we pay for they don’t go to jail for killing people robbing people and we as taxpayers support them. Give them free healthcare. Free housing is just totally wrong.

  2. Leo of Sacramento says

    Thank you DJ, for letting us know the reasons why you decided to leave CALIFORNIA. I personally am sorry you left, but I understand it.
    I, however, will not leave, and am actually choosing to fight.
    But, I am in the minority. I, am not rich, termed out, part of the establishment, a high-profiler nor a favored Republican party member. To some, I’m a nobody.
    NOT ONLY, will I face off against Democrats who already dislike Republicans, but I face an even larger foe:
    My own party Leadership.

    Republicans want changes to be made! They want LEADERS! They want Candidates! They want people to VOTE!

    The dirty little secret is:
    The leadership writes off California. They claim, it’s a bad investment. I have heard, MANY times over the years from people ‘in the know’, who claim that California isn’t worth the effort; that it’s a lost cause; that it’s not worth the time to invest politically into CALIFORNIA. Yet, these very same people sure are ‘true champions’ when it comes time to vote!! Is CALIFORNIA relevant? Important? Worth it? I believe so.
    I believe we have a good chance, at taking back, the Governor seat in 2026. I believe, the time is ripe for change. I believe I am that person.

    IF, the party is honest, truthful and forthcoming about CALIFORNIA and the efforts to win in it? Then I will put that theory to the test. Repubs SAY they want an honest candidate. Repubs SAY they want someone who’ll fight! Republicans SAY they want someone other than, a Democrat in office. But the reality is, when you GET an honest candidate, you fry them. When you GET someone who’ll fight, you abandon them. When you GET someone other than a DEMO, you half-ass support them. You’re looking for THE PERFECT person to be able to: Run and win. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: Unless JESUS CHRIST himself is running for office, that won’t happen.

    I’m NOT perfect, and I know I’ll make mistakes along my way. I will learn from them and hopefully, not repeat them. I don’t have a Masters Degree. But I understand, that you can’t spend 200 dollars for a dinner, if you only have 50 in your pocket. Same for Government. You can’t spend 300 BILLION in your budget, if you’re state only raised 200 BILLION. I’m smart enough to understand, Parents are NOT the enemy of children. I’m smart enough to understand, HIGH taxation causes your population to leave. I’m smart enough to understand, you shouldn’t brag about being THE 3rd Largest Economy in the world!, when a portion was supplemented by Federal dollars and the remainder from over taxation of your public.
    I’m WISE enough to know, that if your Legislature puts into a budget, 30 items that AREN”T effective much less affordable? You VETO those items from your budget. I’m WISE enough to know, you can’t just allow 3000 people to destroy a city of over 500,000. I’m WISE enough to know, 25+ BILLION spent to deal with homelessness, and achieving NO RESULTS, is NOT a success!
    NOT ONE PERSON who is currently in our legislature, is an honest Businessman. Why and how can I say that? Because if they WERE honest businessmen, and they ran their companies like they’ve been running this State, they’d have been bankrupted and forgotten long ago.

    So, when I hear the questions of: WHO ARE YOU? WHAT EXPERIENCE DO YOU HAVE? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN THIS STATE? My answer is simple: I’m that voter who’s fed up with the nonsense. I’m that voter that not only WANTS changes, but DEMANDS them. I’m that voter that can understand what 2+2 equals. I’m that voter, that’s sickened at what our State has become and sees where it’s headed. I’m that voter YOU folks discuss and want yet cringe when they show up. I’m not a ladder climber, career politician, resume writer, vanity candidate, place holder or what have you. I’m that guy, who’s willing to stand up FOR California, FOR it’s people and FOR Change. The question shouldn’t be, WHO AM I? The question should be, WHO ARE YOU? ARE YOU WITH ME OR AGAINST ME? ARE YOU FOR CHANGE OR ARE YOU FOR THE STATUS QUO?

    I can’t get your vote if you’re out of state. But, I CAN earn your trust to contribute to my campaign. (Unless that’s illegal.) I CAN Earn your trust, to have you inform others of who I am and what I stand for.
    I’ll earn that and strive too earn it, from every voter in this State, be they Demo’s, Repubs, Indepens or what have you. I’ll do what I can to earn that Trust, Confidence, Vote, Endorsement and Financial Contribution.
    To know more, you can write me at:

    That’s who I am.
    It’s that simple.

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