Gavin Newsom Returns to California After Leaving During Blizzard Crisis

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) returned to the state on Sunday after leaving the state Thursday for unspecified reasons and for an unknown destination, as thousands of residents remained trapped by snow.

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As Breitbart News and others reported, Newsom left as mountain communities in San Bernardino County and elsewhere remained stranded, with many residents desperate for food, medicine, and fuel and supplies ran low.

The governor had belatedly declared a state of emergency for 13 counties on Wednesday — a week after the blizzards began to sweep the state, dumping snow on the Sierra Nevada and mountains in Southern California.

And then, bizarrely, he left the state — returning only at midday on Sunday, according to his office.

“Governor Gavin Newsom has returned to the state,” his office said in an eight-word press statement.

Meanwhile, residents continued to suffer, as promised National Guard troops never arrived in some towns. The San Bernardino Sun reported on Saturday evening that fear was spreading throughout the mountains:

Milika’a has breast cancer and was only two weeks into treatment when the blizzard hit her Running Springs home. While Milika’a is due for treatment Thursday, like many others in the San Bernardino Mountains, she’s snowed in and unable to leave except on foot.

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  1. Philip Gallanders says

    It is a real shame that California is being destroyed by progressive socialist elites.
    They do not care for the people or fixing real problems. All they focus on is grasping power and throwing a couple of beans to the peasants.

    This dictatorship of the left must come to an end.

    • Boris Badenov says

      You left out, stealing BILLIONS of dollars.

      • Really??? says

        If that idiot Biden gets away with his tax increases on the wealthy you will see them flee the nation for foreign safe havens.

        Just as the Radical Democrats are doing to the State of Kalif.

        They are thrilled with their drunk power run as the back bone of the State the middle class are declaring it is time to go.

  2. Gruesome Newsom, aka Greasy the Kid is today’s equivalent of Nero. rather than the proverbial fiddlle, he combs the pomade into his mane. This man is such a coward, he can’t do a Sate of the State address. If he can’t do this for Kommifornia, then what does he expect of himself if he becomes POTUS? I hope he doens’t think that Buy-Dung’s mouth piece, Jean-Pierre will read it for him!

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