GOP Rep. McClintock: We Need Audit, EU to Step up, Assurance that Money Paid to Bidens Isn’t Influencing Before More Aid Sent to Ukraine

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Kennedy,” Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) said he will not continue to support aid to Ukraine until the European Union matches the aid already provided by the U.S., there’s a complete audit of the money sent by America, there are assurances that the country hasn’t had an illegitimate relationship with FTX, and “the millions of dollars that were paid to the Biden family by Ukraine over the years isn’t influencing our foreign policy.”

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McClintock stated, “I supported the initial assistance to Ukraine because I felt if they could defeat Russia or at least inflict massive damage on Russia, that it would cause other dictators around the world to think twice before attacking their neighbors. But of course, we’ve done that now. Ukraine is primarily a European security issue. Now, you look at the numbers, the United States has given about $54 billion of assistance to Ukraine through October 3…the EU had only 16 billion. So, they’ve got about half of our GDP. But they’ve only given about a third of the assistance that we have. Now, given the fact that’s happening right on their doorstep, not on ours. It seems to me they need to at least match what we’ve already done. So, that would be my first condition. 

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  1. Accountability?

    What you want the money trail with the Biden payola train?

    Oh sure and then hammer Republicans that object to spending $200 million per mile for a failed high speed rail system. Oh wait, did I forget that Biden is giving a green light to Venezuela for oil to the US (you know a Communist Dictator) and refuses to sign contracts with Canada that produces far cleaner oil and gas and it is an ally of this nation.

    Now tell me again why you are stupid enough to vote D?

  2. Congressman Tom McClintock – always right on!!! An audit will tell us a lot and possibly expose more Biden corruption. It should also incentivize those countries that are nearer harms way to step up to protect themselves and not be so reliant on Americans to “have their back”. Trump got them to step up more than they had in the past and that direction should be expected ASAP. We need to focus on helping Americans first.

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