Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom Wants to Spend $2 billion on Early Childhood Education

School-education-learning-1750587-hSeeking to frame his new administration as one with a firm focus on closing the gap between children from affluent and poor families, Gov.-elect Gavin Newsom will propose spending some $1.8 billion on an array of programs designed to boost California’s enrollment in early education and child-care programs.

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Newsom’s plan, which he hinted at in a Fresno event last month, will be a key element in the state budget proposal he will submit to the Legislature shortly after taking office Monday, a source close to the governor-elect’s transition team said Tuesday.

The spending would boost programs designed to ensure children enter kindergarten prepared to learn, closing what some researchers have called the “readiness gap” that exists based on a family’s income. It would also phase in an expansion of prekindergarten and offer money to help school districts that don’t have facilities for full-day kindergarten. …

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  1. Ellos hablaran Espanol, I’m quite sure….

    Have to make sure the grateful peasants are taken care of in gratitude for their recent votes….

    California is a banana republic….

  2. Where does he plan on getting the money to indoctrinate these preschool kids without raising taxes?

  3. yes, we should try this again. it has always worked in the past. what is insanity?

  4. Indoctrinate early…and manipulate for a lifetime.

  5. Bogiewheel says

    This is just a ploy to cover pre-school nanny costs so as to increase the
    tax and voter base.

  6. Indoctrinate early the Socialist/Communist Agenda and you will have them forever!

  7. At this very moment Gavin Newsom is preparing to show you what he thinks of the Constitution.

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