Governor Aims To Reform California’s Higher Education System

From the San Jose Mercury News.

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As he began his first governorship 40 years ago, Jerry Brown told an interviewer that one of his goals was educational reform.

“I’m going to starve the schools financially until I get some educational reforms,” Brown said.

“What kind of reforms?” the interviewer asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Brown replied.

Four decades later, Brown has launched what he hopes will be a successful reform of elementary and high school finances, aimed at improving the achievement of poor children. And now he’s pivoting to the state’s tripartite system of higher education.

Without saying so directly, he’s employing … 

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  1. To me a GREAT starting point would be to SLASH the insane salary/compensation packages of ALL of the U.C. Regents.
    I absolutely cannot understand why these individuals services are worth the amount they are being paid.
    Nothing less than rape of the California taxpayers.

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