High-Speed Rail Construction Continues as California Sues Trump

California’s high-speed rail agency remains determined to complete about 119 miles of bullet-train construction in the central San Joaquin Valley, even as a confrontation with the Trump administration over promised federal funds escalates into a lawsuit.

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“We are looking for a ramp-up in activity for construction,” said Tom Richards, vice chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, adding that he expects the pace of work to accelerate this summer. Richards, a Fresno businessman, said Tuesday at the agency board’s meeting in Sacramento that the state remains mindful of “the requirement to abide by all of the commitments we have” under a pair of federal grant agreements dating to 2010 and 2011 for about $3.5 billion to support engineering and construction in the Valley.

Tuesday’s board meeting came on the heels of California filing suit challenging the Federal Railroad Administration’s termination of the grant agreements. …

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  1. Robert Mosemak says

    he wants the money for illegals, not the high speed rail to no where.

  2. tomsquawk says

    of course, it won’t get done. afraid of the saber? it ain’t just rattlin’ “We are looking for a ramp-up in activity for construction,” yeah, right.

  3. The Captive says

    Pray for an accident and the RR to bankruptcy will be ka-put! These CORRUPT Dems . in control of this sad state deserve a volcanic eruption from those left here because they are trapped. Mega scam off by TAXATION, We sadly know how they all got rich! Pelousy is the one projecting exactly how she needs to be investigated for her crooked path to remaining in the House.

  4. All Trump has to do is ask for a full accounting of the money already spent.
    I understand that the state is still negotiating on the right of way with many farmers holding out for the big bucks. It is a classic government boondoggle and taxpayers should all know where the money has gone.

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