Higher taxes aren’t the solution to California’s problems

Californians are some of the most taxed people in the country, yet it never seems to be enough for those who want more of other people’s money.

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California has among the highest per capita tax burden and some of the highest income, sales and gas tax rates in the country. It’s no surprise the Tax Foundation ranked California’s business tax climate 48th in the country last year.

This extensive system of taxation puts California on track for a state government general fund budget of nearly $132 billion in the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1. That’s up from an enacted general fund budget of $102 billion in 2007-08.

Rather than taxing and spending ourselves into prosperity, however, California continues to lead the nation in poverty, finds itself in the grips of a housing crisis, produces some of the most abysmal educational outcomes in the nation and even after pension reforms in 2012 will remain buried in pension obligations for decades to come. …

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  1. The answer is to flush out the politicians of this state and replace them with new blood, politicians who have common sense, something CA lacks. Stop all the hand out programs, encouraging government dependent people from setting up camp in this state, all this money comes off the back of the workers and unless you have a military disability, a chronic illness that prevents you from workingor a church, I have one thing to say, I work to support my family and unless you fall under the criteria I mentioned above, not yours.

  2. New California Republic

  3. Try to sell that headline to the Democrats. Lots of luck

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