Increase In CA Vehicle Registration Fee

As reported by Capital Public Radio:

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The state will charge Californians more to put their cars on the roads next year as part of the state budget deal reached by Gov. Jerry Brown and Democratic legislative leaders.

The agreement includes a $10 per year increase in the vehicle registration fee that funds the Department of Motor Vehicles and California Highway Patrol. It’s effective April 1, 2017.

The governor proposed the hike in January (see bottom of pg 7 in the link). His Department of Finance says without the increase, the state would need to make “significant budgetary cuts” such as reducing the number of CHP officers on patrol and closing DMV field offices.

The vehicle fee, currently $43, would increase to $53. It would then continue to rise incrementally based on the California Consumer Price Index. …

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  1. AIDAN DOWNEY says

    and every time the car is resold to another party = used car sale, the buyer has to pay the sales tax AGAIN, even though the original purchaser paid sales tax. $10,000.00 used car – no big deal = $750.00 minimum (and in most counties more) sales tax. Just another way the politicians tax, tax, and tax.

  2. BKMorrow~ says

    Typical liberal mentality, can’t work within a budget because they are wasteful, so let’s just tax people more. Hey you liberal morons what are you idiots going to do when people like myself have said enough and the tax base leaves the state? Oh that’s right, you geniuses don’t think things out, you reacted verses being proactive, like work within your means like the rest of us.

  3. I for one have had enough I’m going to file PNO’s on two of our four cars and just transfer the license plates Calif. can now kiss my ass.

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