Inside San Francisco’s Open Air Drug Market That Proves Why City’s Woke Effort to Connect Homeless Addicts To Rehab Is NOT Working – As Users Shoot Up, Pass Out and Scatter Their Needles

A new ‘linkage center’ aimed at connecting homeless street addicts with drug rehab facilities opened in San Francisco last week – but distressing images show an open air illicit drug consumption site that is now littered with needles and crowded with addicts shooting up in broad daylight. 

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Images taken by show a woman slumped over in a wheelchair, her pants down around her ankles, preparing to inject a needle into her thigh. The woman sitting on the ground next to her has a needle to her neck.  

Many others are sitting on the ground among trash, empty food containers and dirty blankets, as they fumble in with drug paraphernalia in the cold weather. 

The center, which opened on January 18, is part of the San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s Tenderloin Emergency Intervention plan introduced last year. The linkage center is located at 1172 Market Street, in the United Nations Plaza. The supervised drug consumption area is an outdoor fenced section of the linkage center – just blocks away from the city’s court house, San Francisco City Hall and the Civic Center. Aerial footage of the area shows the city’s Pioneer Monument overrun with homeless tents. 

In December, Breed declared a state of emergency in Tenderloin and announced a sweeping crackdown on open air drug use and drug dealing in the downtown neighborhood – one of the city’s poorest and most drug-infested areas.

The Tenderloin has long been an epicenter of homelessness and drug use, but city officials said the problem has worsened as the national opioid crisis escalated over the course of the pandemic. 

Announcing a crime crackdown, Breed argued that San Francisco officers should get aggressive and ‘less tolerant of all the bulls*** that has destroyed our city’, as she went back on her plans to defund the police.

‘It’s time the reign of criminals who are destroying our city, it is time for it to come to an end,’ she said. ‘And it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies.’

But, the photos taken by this week shows that streets in the area are not anywhere close to being cleaned up, and a far cry from being a safe neighborhood.

At a press conference at the time, Breed said that the city was in ‘crisis’ and that the streets were ‘nasty’ as more crime and drug overdoses littered the streets. 

‘We are in a crisis and we need to respond accordingly,’ she said on Friday. ‘Too many people are dying in this city, too many people are sprawled on our streets. ‘We have to meet people where they are.’   

Breed said that rapid drug intervention is needed because about two people a day are dying of overdoses, mostly from fentanyl, in the Tenderloin and the city’s South of Market neighborhood.

‘The work that we have in place after our assessment allow us this ability through this emergency declaration to move quickly, to move fast, to change the conditions – specifically of the Tenderloin community’ she said. 

‘This is necessary in order to see a difference.’ 

The move came after Breed performed a dramatic U-turn on the ‘defund the police’ strategy as she called for ‘more aggressive policing’ to replace ‘bulls**t progressive policies’ and said she would ask for more money to be given to the police to stamp out drug dealing, car break-ins and theft. 

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  1. San Francisco is the epicenter of stupidity. What they call taking care of those socially at the bottom of the barrel is a failure in every possible way. Perhaps it’s only claim to fame will be that it shows what happens when socialism tries to cover the ails of society. The real answer is tough love. Yes, it is harsh, but, as Alanon has long preached, the only route to success for those involved is to let them, by themselves, sink to the bottom where they either take action or not. The Chinese realized that long ago when they set up opium dens for those who chose no other option. They simple went there to die.

  2. Ads on radio and TV for rehab centers – which make enormous profits on drug and alcohol addicts – fuel the conception that being addicted is “not your fault!” If not your fault that you decided to take that first shot of heroin, then whose fault is it? Oh, right, it’s because you’re poor, or you lost your job, or had some trauma, that “forced” you to turn to addiction. Deciding to “drown your sorrows” is definitely a choice.

  3. It goes back to the idea of a “working” drunk.

    They are a danger to everyone around them…so too are the leftest drug addicts. If they cannot kick it they should have a special place until they are no longer a threat.

  4. California resident and DEMOCRATS are dying because of communists democrat leaders….”OH WELL”…LET THEM DIE

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