Is California closer to closing private prisons with Newsom at helm?

PrisonCalifornia Democrats think 2019 is their best chance yet to accomplish a long-held liberal goal: shuttering the state’s private prisons.

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Gov. Gavin Newsom vowed in his inaugural address “to end the outrage that is private prisons,” and now state lawmakers are mounting a renewed effort to turn that applause line into reality. They’re painting the move as an act of resistance against one of the Trump administration’s most important corporate partners.

But with California’s corrections system still far over capacity, some state leaders are questioning how far they can go in casting aside the private prison industry.

The state’s use of private prisons jumped after a federal court ordered officials to reduce perilous overcrowding in 2009, when inmates were crammed into gymnasium bunk-beds and the suicide rate was nearly double the national average. The prison population has dropped precipitously since then, but California currently has more than 4,000 inmates in private facilities, about half in-state and half in Arizona, costing the state millions of dollars a year. …

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  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    The outrage that is Gabby Tiresome in the Governors chair needs to end before he again characteristically puts the “Jerk” in “Knee – Jerk Reaction” and does something like release more of those “poor” criminals to “teach those nasty taxpayers a lesson”. Recall NOW !

  2. California voters should act to remove the menace that is Governor Garvin Newsom, nephew of “Crazy Eyes” Pelosi…former Mayor of San Franschitsco….

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