Janet Nguyen’s removal from state Senate floor stirs free speech debate

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

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Phat Bui seethed with anger when his hometown senator was removed last month from the state Senate floor.

State Sen. Janet Nguyen (R-Garden Grove) was pulled out of the chamber by two sergeants-at-arms as she tried to criticize the late state Sen. Tom Hayden over his opposition to the Vietnam War, saying the liberal stalwart had sided with a communist regime responsible for countless deaths.

The action made Nguyen a political hero to people like Bui, a Garden Grove councilman, and many of his constituents in the heavily Republican Vietnamese American community of Orange County.

“Shutting down her voice is shutting down the voice of the Vietnamese Americans that she represents,” Bui told reporters at a rally in Westminster. “The very fact that we are here in the United States is because we value freedom.”

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  1. Pissed Off Teacher says

    The LA Times slanted the article, as expected.

    The “Older, hard liners” (Vietnamese anti-communists) are the bad guys here, not the dim-witted younger, American educated Viet kids who never experienced the silencing of communistic muzzles. Under those regimes, you are silenced permanently. Yet here in the USA, the LA Times works in concert with commenters like “marxman” who keeps writing posts “Nguyen was out of line/unprofessional…the legislature was honoring a dead colleague.” Therein lies the story: “honoring” Hayden is, in fact, offensive to all those who died at the hands of the communist thieves.

    Typical lying subterfuge by the a leftist in a Leftist rag.

    I know a Vietnamese business woman who left Saigon in 2000 and came here. She can tell stories about how the government basically sends agents out to any successful entrepreneur and collects payments from them, under threat. Here, she can feed her kids and send them to college. If the California government continues along its “historical arc” (as shit head leftists like to say) she and all of the rest of us will be refugees again.

    Nice life those elite Party Members enjoy. You work, they keep.

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