Jerry Brown Signs Law Legalizing Street Food in California

Street FoodCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill to make it easier for sidewalk vendors to operate legally in the state.

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It’s one of dozens of bills Brown announced signing Monday, including measures to help voters ensure their mail ballots are counted and standardize balcony inspections.

The new sidewalk vending law will let cities and counties create permit programs for vendors and limits when they can be criminally prosecuted.

“We can start seeing sidewalk vendors for who they are – women and seniors, single parents, and micro-business owners taking that first step to starting their own business,” said Sen. Ricardo Lara, the Bell Gardens Democrat who authored the bill, SB946. “Gov. Brown’s signature validates that thousands of sidewalk vendors are an important part of our economy.”

Sidewalk vendors, who typically sell food or other goods, can be required to hold business licenses and pay taxes under the law. Cities and counties can also establish health and safety policies for vendors. …

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  1. Another giant leap to make California just like South America , wonder what the restaurant’s think about this law. So do the restaurants also get a free pass to sell their food as well ? I wonder who will pay for those not paying for permits or paying any tax on their untrackable income.

  2. This is great! Now I get to dodge bicycles,skateboards,AND vendors on my daily commute. Hot Dam!!!, I finally got my trifecta!.

  3. youcantbeserious says

    Step #482 towards making CA mexico is complete. I’m sure these vendros are reporting their incomes for tax purposes. Now on to step #483 – ending auto insurance for the poor.

  4. Health standards just went out the window. Whoopee! We are now a third-world country. The Democrats win again!

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