Jerry Brown vetoes California political ethics bills

From the Sacramento Bee:

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Rejecting major parts of an ethics package in a year tainted by scandal, Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday vetoed legislation that would have required more campaign finance disclosure and reduced the value of gifts lobbyists can give state officials.

In a message accompanying one of three ethics-related vetoes, Brown criticized legislation he said would needlessly make existing regulations more complex.

“Proper disclosure, as already provided by law, should be sufficient to guard against undue influence,” he wrote.

Senate Bill 1443, by Sen. Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, would have…



  1. What good does it do to demand something from a culture wherein it does not exist?

  2. Kevin’s had a very unproductive legislative session:
    virtually everything he’s wanted has either been veto’d or failed to pass.
    He probably should have read “How to make friends and influence people”.

  3. Brown will not allow the public to know how much and from who the money comes from.

    I had faith in Brown when we first elected him back to the Governorship however I know better at this time.
    is there any hope for the general public, how do we rid ourselves from politicians who look only after themselves. Just think Wilson, Davis, Schwarzenegger and now Brown. Where did we go wrong.
    And TRANSPARENCY is not required in Sacrament.

    • ‘faith’ in Moonbeam? You obviously DIDN’T research his less that stellar history did you? There’s a reason he’s called Brown, because he’s FULL of it.

  4. If you’re looking for ethics in a politician, you’ve got a long road to travel.
    If ‘Moon Beam’ passed any ethics bills, he would lose even more of his Democratic Majority than he already has. Sad but true.

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