Judge Rebukes Harris’ Effort to Access Group’s Donor Lists

Written by Steven Greenhut and published in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

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California Attorney General Kamala Harris has been in the news lately as the Democratic establishment’s anointed successor to Barbara Boxer, the U.S. senator who has announced her coming retirement. But a recent ruling by a federal court temporarily smacking down one of Harris’ decisions may give her political foes a little ammunition.

In December, this column reported on a federal First Amendment lawsuit filed by the Virginia-based conservative group Americans for Prosperity. The group — co-founded by the billionaire Koch brothers, who are a lightning rod for critics from the political left — argues the AG is trying to squelch free speech by demanding its list of donors.

The IRS requires such tax-exempt charitable groups (the foundation is a 501(c)3, which provides “education” and does some limited lobbying for bills and initiatives) to file an annual report called a Form 990 and a Schedule B, which lists donors who give more than $5,000 a year. The IRS is required to keep the information about donors private.

California also requires groups to register with the attorney general’s office. …

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  1. I sure like the idea of “Condolezza Rice for California Senator”

  2. Perhaps Harris’ court performance is as it is because she has a “50 Shades of Grey” fantasy life that spills over.
    She likes it when the judge roughs her up.

  3. Harris, has demonstrated that she will protect the Democrats from having to reveal the sources of their political contributions, this act alone screams of corruption…..

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