Las Vegas to L.A. rail line gets new backer

Las Vegas railThere might be hope again for high-speed rail between Las Vegas and Southern California.

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Brightline, which already operates passenger rail service in Florida, has agreed to acquire XpressWest.

The federally approved project includes 38 acres of land adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip.

If approved, the light rail would transport passengers between Las Vegas and Victorville, California, in a little under two hours.

There has been talk of a high-speed rail for several years. The XpressWest project was once expected to break ground in 2012. Brightline says that construction is expected to begin next year.

The company has already launched a passenger service in Florida, running between Miami and West Palm Beach. …

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  1. Robert Hammons says

    If it would be so good have the private sector build it.

  2. NO GOV’T FUNDS: for construction, nor operation.

  3. Want to kill this project? Construct a hyperloop for freight. 2x the speed or more. Test it for a few years and then add in passenger service. It will make more money. Brightline are you that bright not to see the obvious?

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